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    E3 Dash Battery No Longer Holding Optimal Charge

    It's a 2015 model but I bought it 2014 and the battery is about 6 months past the one year warranty, but I'll contact them anyway to see what they say. Thanks for all the info.
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    Battery cell shopping guide for 2016

    Does anyone know if you could use those cells to rebuild something like a Currie iZip battery? Is it likely that all the control electronics, display and the charger would handle the new higher capacity cells to at least charge it full, maybe even display the status correctly?
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    E3 Dash Battery No Longer Holding Optimal Charge

    I have the same thing with a 2015 Dash battery: 4 bars after the charger light was green.
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    What do you all think of the 2016 IZIP models? Anyone going to upgrade?

    It sucks and I can't imagine any rational reason other than a workaround for the stupid legislation. The manufacturing cost savings are probably about $1.25.
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    Aren't concept ebikes fun?

    I am sure the front wheel would fall flat on the ground as soon as you turn the handlebars.
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    New Helmet Technology on Indiegogo

    I'm very skeptical. They say that the rigidity of normal helmets means a small knock passes the energy straight to your skull: so what if it does? What about a big knock? I'd rather have the energy pass to my whole skull than just a small part of it. When it comes to skulls, it's better to shake...
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    What a Look (Defiant)

    Anybody considering buying this should first watch a few of those episodes of Mr. Bean where the Reliant Robin appears.
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    Larry Pizzi of EBCC discusses Electric Bike Laws and Classes at Interbike

    ...of the type his company will be selling in 2016 and for banning any other kind (from bike paths at least).
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    Larry Pizzi of EBCC discusses Electric Bike Laws and Classes at Interbike

    I'm not worried that my bike would suddenly be illegal where I live. I'm more annoyed by how this kind of stuff always ends up affecting what kind of bikes are going to be available to buy anywhere, as can be seen in Currie's 2016 iZip lineup that mostly now has a "boost button" instead of throttle.
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    Larry Pizzi of EBCC discusses Electric Bike Laws and Classes at Interbike

    My bike is limited to 20 mph on throttle. I'm mad at Mr. Pizzi for pushing it to be some kind of "class 2" now that is banned somewhere or extra regulated and taxed and licensed somehow just because it has a throttle, unlike based on the federal law NOW.
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    Larry Pizzi of EBCC discusses Electric Bike Laws and Classes at Interbike

    A little throttle anecdote... recently the bike path I take on my commute was flooded in places after heavy rain just so that it was passable but if I had to pedal through, I would have soaked my feet in muddy water. Instead, I used the throttle of my Dash to crawl through holding my feet up and...
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    Look out for this at Interbike next week Spīr Electric Bikes

    Their web page is attempting to present their stuff-everything-inside-the-frame design as the only alternative to hub motor and rear rack battery. Straw man arguments are not a good sign.
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    Dash Commuting Report -- 1 year and 5,000+ miles(long post)
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    2016 Currie iZip catalog

    Umm, no: iZips all had a throttle. They didn't add a button throttle, they replaced a throttle with a button. A "boost button" sounds like something that gives a temporary boost of max power instead of regulating the power like a throttle does and it might be still allowed even under a legal...
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    Dash getting center drive?

    The 2016 catalog:
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    Very cool if it actually works

    800W transferred to the tire by a tiny friction roller? Hmm... uh-huh...
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    The Speed Free-for-All

    Nothing to do with being model citizen or not: Prodeco bikes just happen to be throttle only, no pedal assist system built in and the speed limit on throttle only is 20 mph. The Outlaw is a different beast also because the motor is more powerful than allowed for a street legal ebike and Prodeco...
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    The Speed Free-for-All

    I don't understand how it's possible for cars to have different speed limits on different roads while almost every car is capable of speeds above any of those limits. Why are they not hardware limited to one set max speed? It's a total mystery.
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    "No Electric Bikes Allowed"

    "License and registration, please."
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    "No Electric Bikes Allowed"

    Explain politely and briefly that "motorized vehicle" is a legal term that includes e.g. mopeds but not low powered ebikes which are treated the same as any bicycles, and continue riding.