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    Crack or scratch on Turbo Vado SL 4 front rim

    Without seeing the entire rim, it might be the wheel seam.
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    LMT'D handlebar ends- easy to remove?

    It pops out. I installed Ergon grips and Hafney Mirror on my LMTD.
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    Any alternatives to the Ride1up lmt'd?

    On my LMTD I like the Ibera non-disk brake rack (more stable than disk brake version which is not needed for LMTD). And Lumintrail panniers. Rack is currently ridiculously $72 was $39...
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    Any alternatives to the Ride1up lmt'd?

    My LMTD motor noise quieted down as I put miles on it. Around 400miles is when I really noticed it being quieter. At 4500 miles I opened the motor and lubricated the gears with lithium grease. I had my first flat tire and decided while the wheel was off to do lubrication service. It had minimal...
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    Any alternatives to the Ride1up lmt'd?

    Motor is quiet. But when you're heavily pedaling at 28-31mph on PAS 5 100% 1000 watts power output, it can be a little noisy! But then the wind obliterates that motor noise. I have tried over a dozen different ebikes these past four years. Mid-drive and mostly hub drive. Some more expensive...
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    Any alternatives to the Ride1up lmt'd?

    Gonga sale on the LMTD now. I bought it last year and have 5,000 miles of trouble free riding. Goes up steepest hills with its powerful 750watt MXUS motor. I added Ibera nondisk rack ($40) and fenders (20) and Vastfire front light ($23) and Cygolite 350 rear light ($50) and Suntour NCX seat post...
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    Commuter ebike below 2k

    Aventon Pace 500 on sale $600 off. Best bike available for $1000. Small size would be perfect fit for 5’2”.
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    Issue finding tubes for my 26 Ancheer bike

    You need 48mm valve. This is what I recommend. Then buy Slime and install in new tubes.
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    Selling stuff and shipping.

    I too hate packing and shipping used ebike. I use Craigslist. Sold a dozen ebikes over the years. Easy to do and once sold, it’s gone and youve got the cash.
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    1UP single bike rack

    I have the 1Up Dual Super Duty rack. It works fine with my bike's fenders using the adjustable wheel lock feature. They also sell foam fender attachment for the wheel lock.
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    1UP rack

    Most fenders can be accomodated with adjusting the wheel locking rods on the 1Up SuperDuty. I did it for my fenders on Ride1Up LMTD mounted on 1Up SuperDuty two bike rack. ,
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    SOLD - Ride1UP Core 5 $899

    Ride1UP Core 5 StepThrough Ebike $899 - Tucson Pickup Almost new with only 140 miles. Need to sell due to back issues. Rides like perfectly new ebike. COMPONENTS Motor Motor 48V Geared Hub Shengyi Motor 750w Sustained, 28mph Motor Controller 48V22A Lishui Sine-wave (potential peak output of...
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    Ride1UP LMT'D Step Through $1199

    Ride1UP LMT'D Step Through E-Bike $1199 - Tucson Pickup 2021 Model Like New Only 200 Miles. COMPONENTS Motor Motor 48V750W Geared MXUS Motor Motor Battery 48V14ah Reention Eel Pro Samsung Cells, Smart BMS Motor Display KD218 Adjustable Speed Color Display Motor PAS Sensor ST Frame: Integrated...
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    These bikes are too powerful!

    Ride1Up ebikes have programmable controllers so you can adjust the motor power in each PAS level. It’s a huge feature making Ride1Up bikes extremely easy and fun to ride. They offer mainly cadence sensor bikes but do have some torque sensor.
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    FLX Roadster Special Edition $1500

    Tucson pickup only. FLX Roadster Special Edition Gen 3 Ebike for sale. Nearly new with only 154 miles. Have to sell after two knee replacement surgeries. Bafang M600 powerful midmotor. Special Edition Upgraded Components: Deore 10 speed shifting. Tektro 4 piston hydraulic brakes. Schwable...
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    Ride1Up Question

    Purchase 10th month, I would expect current year. I purchased LMTD in 11th month, and received current 2021 battery. But maybe R1U Series 500 had lots of stockage and some remaining from 2020, which you received. I wouldn’t worry about new year old battery. The year probably has no noticeable...
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    Ergon GP-1 Grips ?

    I have used the GP-1 Rubber on my ebikes in Tucson for about two years. I like the soft feel and give that the large rubber grips provide. Best grips I have found. I wear cycling gloves, too. Don't have any experience with Cork.
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    Spare battery storage on bike?

    On my LMTD ST I use Ibera Rack and small 18L Lumintrail Bag to carry my extra battery. Battery fits kitty-corner inside the bag.Very secure. Easy to mount/dismount bag. Very low profile on the rack so it doesn't make swinging my leg over too awkward when mounting the bike. I originally used just...