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  1. Rick Huizinga

    Racktime bags

    I was just looking at the place I purchased mine, and they no longer sell them. If you do find them, please post here. The zippers on mine are starting to corrode from the salt air here in Hawaii.
  2. Rick Huizinga

    Stromer ST2 Battery Upgrade (814WHr -> 983 WHr) Possible?

    With the latest firmware in a 2015 ST2, is it possible to swap out a 814WHr battery for the higher capacity 983 WHr battery?
  3. Rick Huizinga

    SuperNova M99

    Has anyone tried to install the M99 Pure on the ST2? Will it fit on the same mounting bracket as the stock/included Supernova headlight? Also, the stock/default is a 6V light, right?
  4. Rick Huizinga

    Racktime bags

    Not likely. it may fit the 12" MacBook, but I think the 13.3" models are too large because of the rounded corners of the bag.
  5. Rick Huizinga

    Exploding Rear Tires?

    Well, it finally happened. My front tire exploded after 4060 miles of wear. Fortunately it happened in the garage overnight, and not while riding. The tire delaminated from the wire bead so that the sidewall was no longer supported. With nothing holding the tube, it exploded: You can see...
  6. Rick Huizinga

    St2 Big Ben OEM"s

    Has anyone tried the Big Apples? They look similar to the Big Bens, but with a street-only tread design. Is the tread pattern thinner than the Big Bens? I'm curious how this affects puncture resistance.
  7. Rick Huizinga

    Does theRacktime KLICKfix -adapter fit the luggagerac on ST2`s ?

    I don't think that Klickflix adapter will fit because it does not have the rotating/adjustable pins that mate with the rack. There are two widths for Racktime racks. The Stromer uses the narrow width, and that adapter is for the wider width rack. Many of those adapters have a mechanism where...
  8. Rick Huizinga

    St2 Big Ben OEM"s

    @David1 Have you received the Big Bens from elektrofahrad24 yet?
  9. Rick Huizinga

    St2 Big Ben OEM"s

    Thanks David. I look forward to hearing what tires you get. Hopefully you don't need to replace your rim! I got a big nail in mine last week and it made some minor metal damage near the lip of the rim during the couple of revolutions before I could come to a stop.
  10. Rick Huizinga

    St2 Big Ben OEM"s

    Has anyone ordered these tires from elektrofahrad24 yet? I want to make sure they are actually shipping the Stromer branded-version with GreenGuard rather than the standard Big Ben without GreenGuard and flimsy sidewalls.
  11. Rick Huizinga

    Flat tires - how much of a problem should I expect?

    So it is confirmed that NYCEWheels sells the standard Schwalbe Big Ben tires. See the answer to the question on their (Link Removed - No Longer Exists). Does anyone know where the custom Stromer branded Big Bens with GreenGuard puncture protection can be purchased?
  12. Rick Huizinga

    Racktime saddle bags with ability to snap basket on top

    The problem with doing that is that you would not be able to open the Racktime 2XL panniers. The top of the pannier is a large flap that opens to expose the contents of the back. You can see the zipper around the perimeter of the top of the bag in these pictures.
  13. Rick Huizinga

    Continental Top Contact II vs Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres

    I just had a flat today. There were a bunch of staples on the side of the road and I had multiple stuck in my tires. I tried to use the GAADI inner tube so I didn't have to change the rear wheel, but the tube failed as soon as it had to bear weight. I found the hole at one of the ends of the...
  14. Rick Huizinga

    Bike Lock Mount on ST2

    I usually only lock the frame. If I'm going to a location where I want to lock the wheels, seat, etc., I bring an extra thick Kryptonite cable that I wrap through the wheels and attach to the New York Noose. P.S. They sell the Noose in two lengths. I bought the shorter one to keep the weight...
  15. Rick Huizinga

    Fender and Rack kit for Turbo

    Any idea what brackets they used and where to get them?
  16. Rick Huizinga

    Fender and Rack kit for Turbo

    Has anyone installed this on the suspension fork on the Turbo X? I'm trying to perform the installation, but the front fender mounting points on the Turbo X fork are different than the standard Turbo. The included tube clamps won't work as they need to have a 90 degree rotation so the clamps...
  17. Rick Huizinga

    Stromer ST2 Firmware Update

    Thanks David. I tried removing the battery today and still no second update. Do you recall what Ollie had you do to the bike, or did he need to make a fix on the server side? I'll be headed to Hawaii in March.
  18. Rick Huizinga

    Rear rack too weak: fender hits wheel

    I put star washers where the rack posts touch both the bike frame & the screw head. A total of 4 star washers are needed, two on each side of the bike. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.
  19. Rick Huizinga

    Stromer ST2 Firmware Update

    My bike has received the first update, but still hasn't received the second update and is still running version 1.5. Is there anyway to force the bike to check for the second update?
  20. Rick Huizinga

    Rear rack too weak: fender hits wheel

    I had the same problem last summer and was the one who made the post about the star washers. My fender/rear rack has not dropped down since adding the star washers, and I've ridden with panniers loaded with 30 pounds.