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    Riese & Muller 2022 models. Rumors?

    Any news? Last year, the annoucement came in the first week of September.
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    2022 Gazelle

    With the recent Bosch annoucements, any idea on Gazelle their new 2022 lineup?
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    Riese & Müller Nevo3 Early Release!

    are these coming with the updated 85NM of torque?
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    2020 or 2019 Turbo Vado 5

    The dealer said it was possible. The salesperson left me a voicemail after consulting with the manager. The noise was like a rubbing fender noise. The hill was steep and I’m about 205.
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    2020 or 2019 Turbo Vado 5

    Finally had a chance to test ride the bike on some hills. I noticed when I was climbing the hill, there was an intermittent grinding type of noise. On flats it was completely silent. Btw, the dealer did say it was possible to swap out the 2019 display with the 2020 version.
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    2020 or 2019 Turbo Vado 5

    Thank you. I'll be going in tomorrow. How are you liking the Vado? I've had a non electric ebike since the mid 90's. Always like the quality and ride comfort. B
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    2020 or 2019 Turbo Vado 5

    Looking at the turbo Vado 5 in Canada. Are there any improvement or upgrades fro model year 2019 to 2020? There is a 2019 available locally but the 2020 are a month away. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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    First 1,000 miles overview - Vintage Electric Bike's Cafe

    Thanks christob. The power of the bike is intoxicating. When I had my Stromer, my motor was changed after 200 kms. I understand from my visit to the local VEB dealer that their bikes uses the same brand motor as the Stromer. I’m currently cross shopping the cafe against the Riese and Müller...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Vintage Electric Bikes Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    Did you get this resolved. I'm seriously thinking about purchasing this bike with the rack.
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    First 1,000 miles overview - Vintage Electric Bike's Cafe

    Would be interested to hear your experiences with your bikes this past year. I test rode the bike today and agree with the above cons. The bike is beautiful. I did however find the assist somewhat laggy. I previously owned a stromer st1 and that assist was spot on.
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    Lectric XP

    Looks like a new company entered into the e-bike arena. Has anyone had any experience with this company or bike? It checks a lot of boxes for me. There are a few sponsored youtube videos on the bike. (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
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    Voltbike Mariner 500w folding electric fat bike

    Do you have any pics of the bike folded up? Once folded up, what would the height be? I have a pretty shallow trunk.
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    Voltbike - Interceptor , anyone with experience dealing with them?

    Great reviews Court! I am seriously looking at their Urban model (folding). Any plans to review that model? It does look similar to e-Joe's Epik SE?
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    E-bike for mental well-being.

    I just purchased a stromer st1 for the very same reason. Plus, it would help me in recovering from a heart attack and subsequent bypass surgery. Loved your post!
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    E-Bikes on Airplanes

    Are e-bikes, specially fold up ones, allowed on airplanes as luggage?