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  1. bonefish101

    R750 - First Ride Today

    Just to clarify, it’s a bit small for me at 6 foot 4 but the actual bike isn’t small by any stretch, it’s a beast!
  2. bonefish101

    R750 - First Ride Today

    Hi, it’s a large and to be honest, it’s a bit small but not too bad, it’s definitely doable. I’m looking at getting another bike, a mid drive class 1 and I’ll definitely be looking for an xlarge for my next frame size.
  3. bonefish101

    R750 Display / Controller upgrade?

    Thanks NeweBikeMan, that's a great upgrade, I'm loving the new display on my R750. Super easy to change out too, very user friendly.
  4. bonefish101

    Thule Easyfold XT2 - A good rack for ebikes and the best one if you have fenders

    Yep, absolutely love mine for ease of use and smart engineering.
  5. bonefish101

    Suggestions for a bike rack for rear of SUV

    Thule easyfold XT-2 has been a lifesaver for me
  6. bonefish101

    R750 Display / Controller upgrade?

    Is it an easy swap? Do you have to deal with threading the down tube? Thanks!!
  7. bonefish101

    R750 Display / Controller upgrade?

    I looked again at the page, I can see the appeal over the M2S displays. I do have a quick question if you have another moment, when I look at the order drop down I don't see an option for the Bafang hub drive motor, which is what my R750 has. Do you have a mid-drive motor on yours or did...
  8. bonefish101

    R750 Display / Controller upgrade?

    Did you consider the upgraded controller available from M2S? Although, it seems lacking in functionality compared to this one you are trying.
  9. bonefish101

    R750 Display / Controller upgrade?

    OK, well I wish you the best of success, please keep us (me) posted on the final outcome, I'd be a player if it truly is easily swappable. Thanks!!
  10. bonefish101

    e-bike towbar carrier question

    Yep, I have the same rack and also remove the batteries. I don't have a cover yet so I pack a couple of trash bags and a roll of duct tape, just in case.
  11. bonefish101

    Sduro FullSeven LT 3.0 for heavy rider?

    I'd go for it, you'll be fine I would think. Haibike may take issue with any warranty claims if push comes to shove and they flat out ask you what you weigh but that's unlikely. As far as the bike collapsing under you, aint gonna happen. Provided you're not dropping 20' to flat on a daily basis...
  12. bonefish101

    R750 Display / Controller upgrade?

    Hi, did you find out if it's compatible?
  13. bonefish101

    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    North Fork of the mighty Shenandoah. Reliance, Virginia
  14. bonefish101

    Thule Easyfold XT2 - A good rack for ebikes and the best one if you have fenders

    I also own this rack and highly recommend it. Fits my M2S 750 fat tire and my buddy's bike with no problem. Not the cheapest option but probably the best and easiest to use that's out there right now.
  15. bonefish101

    Ultra Portable Bicycle Stand - Cross post

    Great idea, that'll come in really handy. Just ordered mine, not many left!
  16. bonefish101

    Any Suggestions ?

    Check out the Rad Mini, that ticks most of those boxes, not sure about the off-road capability though. Tons of videos on YouTube.
  17. bonefish101

    What helmet ?

    I have a TLD (Troy Lee Designs) helmet that is very comfortable on long rides and nice and cool. Check out their website, they have a ton of selections. I paid $150 for mine but I feel my head is well worth it.
  18. bonefish101

    Low inventory in local bike shops

    Exactly the same situation in my area of Northern Virginia (Winchester & Shen Valley). I visited my local Specialized dealer to talk about a Levo or Kenevo and it's like they had no interest. My closest Rocky Mountain e-dealer is very nearly 100 miles away from me in PA so I feel your pain. My...
  19. bonefish101

    Electronic Shifting Options--any advice, experience?

    So, are you saying you wouldn't recommend the Archer system Guru?
  20. bonefish101

    Looking for a EBIKE, need help ?

    I'm 6'4 and 215lbs, I have the large frame M2S R750 All Terrain, I love it. Reviews on the M2S page here. Just FYI, the large is a bit of a tight squeeze for me but it should fit you ok, my next frame will be an XL.