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  1. Larry Pizzi

    Bosch powered bikes coming to the US

    @LouisQ The Classic+ Line is not and has never been available in the US. The US system is the Performance Line
  2. Larry Pizzi

    2013 path

    Hi Mark, You can contact our tech support for assistance. Best to email Chawn @ or you can call CUSTOMER SERVICE 1-800-377-4532
  3. Larry Pizzi

    Proud owner of a new E3 Dash 2015

    Congratulations Wolfgang! I'm very happy that you appreciate all the upgrades and look forward to hearing about your progress. Best regards, -Larry
  4. Larry Pizzi

    2015 Haibike XDuro Race (not Superrace)

    Sorry for the slow reply. We should see first shipments arrive in February on all the new models.
  5. Larry Pizzi

    Currie E3 Path won't assist above 14MPH

    @Wagongw - Sorry to hear that your having an issue with your wife's Path. If the information that JoePah pointed you to has not solved the issue, please send me your contact information and I have our Tech Support director contact you on Monday. Best regards, -Larry
  6. Larry Pizzi

    Wall Street Journal weighs in on ebikes blurring the lines with cars

    Have you seen this poll? Time to have your voice heard...
  7. Larry Pizzi

    If your interested in access issues on eMountain Bikes, you may want to take a look at this poll.
  8. Larry Pizzi

    Interbike 2014 Coverage

    @DashRiprock - I assume you are talking about Eurobike and Interbike, correct? Interbike starts today with Outdoor Demo and closes this Friday with a public day. Eurobike was the 27th - 30th of August. On Aug the 22nd, I was on a panel discussion at the IMBA World Summit in Steamboat Springs...
  9. Larry Pizzi

    Yamaha Vs. Bosch eBike Drive Systems. Whats the difference?(Not in the US for at least another year)

    We are getting many questions about the Yamaha drive system that Haibike has started to integrate into their offerings in Europe. Here is a link to a well written comparison of Bosch to Yamaha. Please note that Yamaha has no definitive plans to bring the system to the US market at this time so...
  10. Larry Pizzi

    Loud Brakes

    @Nader - you may find this helpful:
  11. Larry Pizzi

    Availability update...

    Dear Nader, Error 503 is a speed sensor error which explains the erratic assist. You or the dealer just need to realign the speed sensor and you should be good to ride. (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) Can you please tell me who the dealer is so that we can...
  12. Larry Pizzi

    CurrieTech - How to adjust Dash rear brake??

    Brian - We currently use the ProMax on the Path+ which has the same motor shell and it works fine. We are still researching other possibilities. If your interested in trying a ProMax caliper, send me an email with your information and I'll get you one to evaluate. Thanks!
  13. Larry Pizzi

    CurrieTech - How to adjust Dash rear brake??

    Brian, Charlie - This subject was the topic of our product development meeting today, so I'm pleased that you raised it. Turns out that the PM was aware that someone servicing and adjusting the fixed pad position would need to drop the wheel to make this adjustment, but did not think it was all...
  14. Larry Pizzi

    CurrieTech - How to adjust Dash rear brake??

    Charlie, Brian, Thanks so much for your post and yes Charlie, your question was clear enough. I was unaware of the other string which shed more light on the real issue of initial caliper set-up and tuning. Shimano was not thinking of hub motors when they designed the M-375, as the clearance to...
  15. Larry Pizzi

    CurrieTech - How to adjust Dash rear brake??

    Looks like I may be a bit behind the conversation on the other thread
  16. Larry Pizzi

    CurrieTech - How to adjust Dash rear brake??

    @Charly Banana - Here is the official Shimano tech sheet on the M-375 disc brakes which include adjustment instructions. Shimano recommends a qualified technician perform the maintenance. Hope this is helpful.
  17. Larry Pizzi

    Blown motor on E3 Dash with 29 miles on it

    Rob - I sent you an email before boarding the flight I'm on. I'll look forward to your reply. Thank you, -Larry
  18. Larry Pizzi

    Blown motor on E3 Dash with 29 miles on it

    Dear Twowheeler - So sorry to hear your having issues with REI. We will attempt to contact them in the morning to see if we can move this along. It should actually take them less then 15 minutes to swap the wheel and get you back on the road. Please keep me posted. Best regards, -Larry
  19. Larry Pizzi

    Peak Considerations

    So pleased that your enjoying the Peak and sorry that I have not been more active on the forum lately - very bust time of year :)
  20. Larry Pizzi

    Peak Considerations

    Hi everyone - We are deep into our 2015 Dealer Launch activities which started last weekend so sorry that I have been absent on the forum for many weeks. I can tell you the the Peak DS will be available and shipping to dealers this Fall. As we get closer to Interbike in early September, I'll...