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    Neoprene Ebike Battery Covers for Cold Weather

    My partner came up with a cheap idea. She cut some foam made for dish shelves, then cut some wool sleeves or leggings. They seem to work once you figure how to wrap them.
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    Chain lock discussion wanted

    Depends where you are locking. I use a really heavy chain or 3 for locking to our trailer and use a magnetic lock. It can still be cut but takes time. On bike I use a light chain but still worth about $60. Sorry, I do not know the thickness but they were the best I could find.
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    Velocker, Locking Aluminum Cargo Panniers

    I sent there to and no info. I did find dimensions and weight under owners manual but no pricing or how to order/
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    Velocker, Locking Aluminum Cargo Panniers

    they look great but no detailed information on line such as dimensions, weight, price or even how to buy them. Very poor marketing.
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    How to Winterproof and Waterproof?

    How much water can the drive train take?
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    Shimano steps - is the battery and drive train waterproof?

    After a day of avoiding creek crossings I am wondering how waterproof the e8000 might be. I know S says "waterproof for heavy rain" but that to me is more "water resistant". Can I have the drive train and/or battery under water while crossing a creek? Any experience from other users would be useful.
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    Frame adapters for water bottle , pump etc

    I use geared clamps, "radiator hose clamps" for some of my cages.
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    Spare battery costs

    Will this work for any battery? Like Shimano?
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    How to protect e-bikes from weather on Thule Easy-Fold XL rack on long drives

    Okay my partner just said it was a SWAGMAN bike cover. She just looked for it again and found it on Amazon for about $93 CA. It has worked well for us and we have 1000s of km on it.
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    How to protect e-bikes from weather on Thule Easy-Fold XL rack on long drives

    Not sure what make but we got it at Overstock a few years back and still using it. Our bars are about 27, thogu we reverse one bike. I will see if I can find the maker but it has been great.
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    How to protect e-bikes from weather on Thule Easy-Fold XL rack on long drives

    Great job. My goal is to protect the bikes where I can but still not have them so wrapped up that we will be reluctant to use them. Been there done that. Considering that we ride through water and mud in the rain anyway I do not worry toooooo much. Shimano says we can ride through water so the...
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    Küat NV 2.0 Hitch Rack Ramp Accessory

    Having just returned from cycling in London we were impressed with stairs on the Thames and canal paths which had channel iron running down the side of the stairs so that we could place our tires in the channel and push them up the channel while we walked the stairs. So, aluminum channels could...
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    Bosch Solar Charging

    I am having similar issues with Shimano. I tried to go with a commercial outfit out of California but they could not get Shimano to respond to a request for the S propritory plug. Why should this be so difficult? I had hoped that someone would come up with a commercial solution not that touring...
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    How to protect e-bikes from weather on Thule Easy-Fold XL rack on long drives

    I use a cover over two bikes. We have likely put 20,000km on the cover and bikes and it has not ripped or torn. I use a cargo net over the whole things so there is not a lot of flap. I have to pull the cover out of the way on one side to clear tail lights on my Ram pickup. The cover is in part a...
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    Survey for those with higher mileage (2000+) ebikes

    Have to say that Shimano replaced the battery with no argument. Still a drag.
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    Computer error

    On two different bikes, Cannondales with Steps, we have had our "computer" reset to a previous reading. For instance, yesterday it should have read 51km at the nd of my ride but when it reached 46 it reset to 36. The total distance also went backward. My partner's bike also did the same a couple...
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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Since you asked ....
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    Question about walk assist on Shimano Steps

    I find the walk mode on the e8000 useless. Simple. But. love the rest.
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    Survey for those with higher mileage (2000+) ebikes

    Shimano Steps on Cannondale and first battery failed completely at the start of a tour with only 700 km on it. Fortunately we had a spare so all was not lost. Now in for warranty work.