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    Bike damage after an accident

    Long story short, i basically was rear ended with my two ebikes on a hitch rack. (Giant Explore and Haibike Hardseven). The hitch actually took most of the hit so the car wasn't as bad as my bikes and rack. As far as I can tell the hit bent my chain guard and looks like scuffed the motor. The...
  2. J

    Giant (yamaha) battery self draining?

    I recently got a new Giant Explore 3 and noticed it drains about 15% over 5 days of no use. This is with the battery left on the bike sitting idle in the garage. The reason I think it's weird is my girlfriend's haibike doesn't seem to drain nearly as fast. Is this normal or should I start...
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    Hardlife for guy?

    Hi there...just getting into e bikes and am really interested in getting a Haibike. After shopping around i found a really good price for a hardlife. The frame is a larger one so it fits me. My question is there anything else that makes this a Ladies bike other than color? The one i found is...