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    Why not speed limits?

    What do they gain? An entirely new market and waaaay more sales than they had before. The Classes gives them a way to neatly define what they can sell and the governments can feel like they are putting in place common sense restrictions preventing electric motorcycles on bike paths. Which opened...
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    Downhill ebike

    Woah, a 5th Element, that's a wayback machine.... ;)
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    Why not speed limits?

    The reason is that the legislations aren't being written by legislators, who don't know much or anything about riding ebikes or bicycles or bike paths or any of it. The legislation, like most are, is being written by lobbyists who are being paid by the bike industry, they get a couple of...
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    Don’t buy a specialised Levo

    He is reporting the same problems others have had, Specialized came out with a new harness to address that issue specifically. Should be under warranty.
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    Mixed (conventional & e-Bikes) Group Road Rides

    You misspelled "integrated" ;) 1) Depends on the group and intent of the ride. A social ride, sure. A hardcore training ride? Maybe not. 2) Anywhere, as long as the rider is capable of riding in a bunch. Riding in a paceline is a skill that needs to be learned. Usually, a new rider is among...
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    LMX64 enduro EMTB
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    LMX64 enduro EMTB

    They're not one-offs, they have them for sale. The company has been around for a couple of years
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    Help finding the right mountain bike? You can derestrict Shimano motors with an app.
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    Confused About "Class 1 Legality"

    It's your opinion that they can't. It's your opinion that states and local municipalities are held to the CPSA, which they are not. As was already pointed out. If they couldn't, there wouldn't be restrictions all over the country where ebikes are not allowed and bikes are allowed. All those...
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    Bike friendly Breckenridge (sort of)

    The bad part of advocating for class 1 eMTB by pointing out that you have to pedal is that it makes all class 2 ebikes look bad somehow since you don't. No one even knows there is a class 3, I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Confused About "Class 1 Legality"

    Sure they can, and do. Maybe not in your universe, but in the real world it happens. They can ban anything on any trail if they chose to.
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    Trying to make a decision on ebike for hunting

    That's an expensive mile of walking saved.....
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    Luna's new bike

    They're swapping in steel gears.
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    Biking is painful: e-biking is NOT

    I never see runners smiling at all, but there seems to always be mobs of them. It's certainly not my place to determine what is fun for some people and not for others
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    New RockShox for 2020

    FOX's Grip2 is better than what Roxshox is putting out these days. They'll catch up, and then the lead will reverse. Meanwhile, the smaller guys will continue to innovate.... Same story as ever, just a different chapter
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    The problem of the "disposable" ebike

    Are there any? Honest question
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    A Repeat Regulation / Law Question...

    There are? Maybe I'm dense, but I don't see any. §2085. Low-speed electric bicycles (a) Construction Notwithstanding any other provision of law, low-speed electric bicycles are consumer products within the meaning of section 2052(a)(1) 1 of this title and shall be subject to the Commission...
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    A Repeat Regulation / Law Question...

    Since the CPSA is only concerned with defining what can be sold as a "low-speed electric bicycle", there isn't any mention regarding if they are or aren't motor vehicles, or being equivalent to bicycles. The best thing to come out of the Class laws is redefining ebikes as not being a motor...
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    A Repeat Regulation / Law Question...

    You're kidding right?