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    Good price for a battery?

    I just bought a used Motiv Spark. My commute is 11.3 miles. The auto route is congested and takes 30-45 minutes. No fun. The bike route is beautiful, most of it along the river, taking about 45 minutes. Great! My battery is getting old and at the end of my ride the power is diminished. I think...
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    Looking at 2010 A2B

    Craigslist in Boulder Colo has a 2010 A2B for sale $850 My commute by auto or Honda C70 is 10 miles through dense traffic. Very unpleasant. There is a bike path 9 of the 10 miles along the river. Very pretty. Much better. An e bike will make the commute nicer. The A2b has some use on it and only...