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  1. Manu

    Wattage per mile or kilometre

    As I said at the time, the battery is measured Voltage per amp Vx Ah, that battery has a capacity in watts/hora , no matter how long you use be watts or watts hour, it stores and you can burn it in second zero, within one hour or 2 days depending on the charge of electricity consumption that you...
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    Wattage per mile or kilometre

    in the high-voltage turret, what kills you is not the voltage is the intensity (amper)with which that energy is released to your body in a unit of time, be it second / hour or days ..... I can be next to the 22000 volt turret and I receive a discharge but the intensity was 0.000001 ampere and...
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    Wattage per mile or kilometre

    I said it was watts hour = total energy consumption, the capacity is voltage by intensity, "In a battery the consumption or watts/ hour that can be stored is determined by voltage and intensity" and another very different charger that has nothing to do with the ability to store electrical...
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    Wattage per mile or kilometre

    In a battery the consumption or watts/ hour that can be stored is determined by voltage and intensity, both voltage x intensity of delivery, when you have discharged all the battery you have burned those watts, converted into mechanical movement and heat, example 48 volts x 10 amps = 480...
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    Wattage per mile or kilometre

    W / hour that's the measure, how far does it travel? less than people think 80/85% motor efficiency not 100%, and how is that limited energy spent? in watts / hour converted into mechanical movement at a given place the wheel, when a human says that wheel It consumes 20w / hour is energy or...
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    Wattage per mile or kilometre

    1 watt is an instant energy of 1 second = 3600 joules, we only use watts hour referred to the multiplicative consumption for 3600 seconds (60 minutes x 60 seconds), they are 2 different time concepts, the total weight is decisive in that we agree, for professional cyclists where their races and...
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    Wattage per mile or kilometre

    Same energy what changes is the value of time unit, watts second ..... watts hour, watts monthly, a very important factor is the weight especially climbing the hill.A conventional human is in 150 / 200w a professional It can have 400w peaks. If your wheel weighs a total of 800 grams it is much...
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    Bosch/Yamaha throttle? ever?

    but that is just a button to reach cruising speed and goodbye, it is clear that modifying or altering the firware or program the system could be completely different but that will not happen.The pedelec are a very safe element, of all sold these years in Spain they have only had 3000 serious...
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    Wattage per mile or kilometre

    Many variables influence this, but one of the most common is the type of wheel and its width and weight, a 700x 25 wheel can consume 20 w , a 700 x 45 wheel = 30 watts if you go to mtb 27.5 + example minion = 40w but that is ...... a wheel ... multiply x2 Then there is the disk multiplier and...
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    Haibike yamaha display error

    Within the PW, the year of manufacture is the one that determines the type of control even if it is similar or aesthetically equal, if you need a control or a screen you must know if it is 2015 or 2016 + because even being the same they do not work, there are 2 specific versions for the 2015 and...
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    Know Your Average Stopping Distance?

    The lower braking distance depends on several factors, speed, full weight, weather, type of terrain or ground, type of tire width, type of brakes (V or disc), type of disc and type of pads for the disc (resin / metal / semimetal / metal) and number of physical hydraulic pressure pistons, the...
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    Why aren't there quick chargers for ebike?

    HAIBIKE FLYON TQ 120, CHARGE FAST, THE NEW a battery recharge patent with pedaling whether it is up or down the hill or flat. excelent to cicloturist.
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    Cop cycle...50mph

    In Europe if it weighs more than 45 kilograms or has a drive of more than 500w pedelec is not, it would be moped or motorcycle, the pedals no longer need them
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    Megavalanche Haibike allmontain

    in descent you will not have much difference, having a mountain climb will see who is riding the horse and who is walking with him
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    Megavalanche Haibike allmontain

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    How long did you research e-bikes before buying your first one?

    The first thing was to inform me of the law in Europe, to know that it was a 25km / h pedelec and its 45km / h variant but no longer considered a bicycle or pedelec, which I liked haibike was a mtb sduro or xduro 6.0 with yamaha (25km / h ) for 3600 euros with double plate and the other option...
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    Mtn vs City?

    There are 3 types of ebike, pure road, mixed or trekking that is used for trails and road and mountain (mtb) with different equipment, the mtb is suitable for all types of soil but is less efficient per watt, the road ebike is limited to asphalt, the trekking is not the best either on the road...
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    Change bearings Pw yamaha

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    Noisy Bosch CX drive unit

    Very good video, he changes the bearing on the other side, when you open the unit you change both bearings