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    Replacement Charger for 2018 Quick-E+?

    I'm looking for a second charger for my Quick-E to keep at work. I know that I can get one through my LBS ( ~$200, i think ) but I'm wondering if there are any other ones out there that might be worth looking into. I know there are a ton on amazon and other sites but I'm afraid that I will get...
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    2018 Giant Quick-E Rack

    For Sale - Stock Rack for Giant Quick E. I upgraded to the Giant Metro E Rack. I can imagine that this rack would fit on the other Giant E Bikes. Works great for panniers. This has some wear from my panniers and general use. Not looking to get much from it. I was thinking $15 plus shipping...
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    Replace Headlight on 2018 Giant Quick-E+

    I have the stock AXA Blueline 30 on my 2018 Giant Quick E+. It is not near bright enough on a dark unlit trail. I would like to install a Busch + Muller IQ-X E. It looks as simple as pulling out the headlamp cable from the downtube, cutting it off and then splicing the cable to the new light...