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  1. rudym

    Riese & Muller Mixte for wife

    I ordered a new Riese & Muller charger mixte step through style fram. Got the gates belt drive with the Nuvinci hub version for my wife last week. I think the nuvinci will accommodate the way she pedals nicely. 2 months or more before we see it.
  2. rudym

    Is Bosch off on its speed calculations?

    I have a new TREK Super Commuter 8S. It is the speed version motor. Tires and the important stuff is STOCK. I have noticed over several days and rides using three different instruments, Garmin, Wahoo, Car pacing, that the Bosch Display is Reading 2 - 2.4 MPH faster than actual speed. Is this a...
  3. rudym

    front suspension - aftermarket?

    I have a TREK super commuter 8S and I would like to add a body flow seat post and some type of front suspension to it to smooth out my ride. Ideas that will work ? Resources ?
  4. rudym

    Electric Biker by Accident (well almost)

    Hi Everyone, I have ridden to work on a bicycle for over 35 years. 10 years ago a distracted and drunk driver nailed me from the rear at 50 MPH. A year later I was back on my bike, but slowly as cell phones and social media use increased my fear factor increased also. In Mobile, Al. there is...
  5. rudym

    money not an issue quality is

    What ebike or ebike conversion kit - would most everyone want if the money were not an issue of course it needs to be adaptable to rider size etc... but best reliability, speed and range combo? I own a trek super commuter 8s now. thanks.