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  1. fr8dogjoe

    Infinity Control Head

    My wife just received the Infinity Step-thru and there really is not a user guide for the controller. We have both watched EBR on the model, but it was not very thorough. Wondering if anyone has information for some kind of manual that will explain what all the symbols represent and how to get...
  2. fr8dogjoe

    Metro Wheelbase

    Can anyone here please tell me what the wheelbase is for a Magnum Metro Step-thru? I am purchasing a different manufacturer and my wife is interested in in the Metro Step-thru, and I want to make sure that I purchase the correct rack for both bikes. Appreciate any input.
  3. fr8dogjoe

    Deciding between Trek Supercommuter 7+ and a 2018 SDURO Trekking 9.5

    This is my first ebike purchase, I like the looks of both bikes, but they each have features that the other bike does not have. Most of my biking will be for pleasure as opposed to commuting. Looking for advice from experienced riders as to which bike to choose.
  4. fr8dogjoe

    Difficult to decide between Trek Supercommuter 7+ and a 2018 Haibike Trekking 9.5.

    One has options the other does not. Both same price point. First ebike purchase. Would like input from some experienced riders. I like the looks of each bike, and will mostly ride for pleasure as opposed to commuting. Will run a few errands, but mostly fun. Appreciate any input from everyone.