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  1. Blueflash

    Best Hydraulic brake system?

    Apparently you've never been to Idaho.... But I agree, the Shimano is generally the better brake spec.
  2. Blueflash

    Best Hydraulic brake system?

    If it were me, I'd try upgrading to 203mm rotors first. I don't believe whoever told you it can't be done. All you need is an inexpensive Shimano adapter and a new rotor. Do the front first, you probably don't need to do the back. You'd be hard pressed to spend more than $50 on the upgrade and...
  3. Blueflash

    My Unintentional 1x11 Conversion

    I highly recommend the 203mm front rotor upgrade. My bike has Shimano brakes. The adaptor and rotor were easy to find and inexpensive. I had a local bike shop change the rotor because I didn't have the tool for the center lock rotor, but they did it on the spot for $7. I've done some seriously...
  4. Blueflash

    My Unintentional 1x11 Conversion

    That looks great. Very professional. It looks like you also used a combo mount for the brake and shifter? Or is that how it came from the factory. My 2016 has separate mounts. I decided I like the range of the 2-speed front chain ring and ended up putting my dropper lever on the right side of...
  5. Blueflash

    Magura Vyron eLect wireless dropper

    I installed a KS LEV Integra dropper post on my bike this summer. It's a fairly high end, air spring type post. It's strange that there are no warnings or recommendations for things like lifting or storing the post. This post will extend if lifted from the down position. I avoid doing it but...
  6. Blueflash

    Screen battery indicator vs. battery lights

    I recently purchased a Rook for my wife. On our test ride we noticed the display was flashing the low battery icon, but the battery itself showed 4-bars. The dealer said it would take about 50 miles before the 2 would sync. We haven't had favorable riding conditions, so haven't put on many miles...
  7. Blueflash

    Known Issues & Problems with Surface 604 Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I just purchased a Rook for my wife, last week. Unless they are using more than 1 type of seatpost, they do adjust for tilt. If you completely loosen the adjustment bolt, you'll see how tilt is possible.
  8. Blueflash

    BULLS E-Stream EVO 45 FS

    I have an E-Stream EVO FS3. I think the frame geometry is the same as the EVO 45 FS. I'm 184-185cm tall and went with the large size, which is the 49cm frame. If you have long legs, the 49cm frame is probably ok. Otherwise, you might be better off with the medium 44cm frame. The dealer you...
  9. Blueflash

    Mid drives vs Hub drives ???

    I think people that are comparing $1000-$2000 hub drives to $4000 and up mid-drive mountain bikes aren't looking at the whole package. Most of these mid-drive brands also have much higher end components on them. Things like mid to high end Rockshox or Fox forks and rear air shocks. Just the...
  10. Blueflash

    New Surface604 SHRED!

    Hmmm....Not sure I would go so far as to say a better bike. It's $400 more, and that is with a rigid front fork. It's probably another $100 or more for a suspension fork. It has mechanical disc brakes instead of hydraulic and only comes in one frame size. It uses cadence sensing instead of...
  11. Blueflash

    eMTB off road photo thread.

    Glad I looked into your suggested brake upgrade. Perfect timing. Art's Cyclery Is closing out the 203 Shimano Ice Tech rotors that are the exact same model as the stock 180's. Only $22.94 for the rotor & $6.99 for the adaptor. With shipping, I'll be into it for under 35 bucks for a great...
  12. Blueflash

    eMTB off road photo thread.

    Hey Dan, I really like the larger rotor upgrade. I didn't know such a thing existed. So, do you just need the appropriate adapter and a larger rotor? Seems simple and not too expensive. I may have to try this on the front of mine.
  13. Blueflash

    Is Brose less powerful or more "natural"? And should I buy it?

    Great review, as always, Court. How would you compare the Brose T motor to the new S motor? I've seen reports that they are identical in size & connections. Maybe the possibility of swapping in the new S on an older Brose powered bike. Just wondering if it would be worth the upgrade, if it...
  14. Blueflash

    My Unintentional 1x11 Conversion

    Very nice write up. I appreciate the pics. Let us know if you miss the extra gearing by going to a single front ring. I hope to add a dropper post this spring and have been pondering the same issues you've encountered.
  15. Blueflash

    Battery/Charger Problems

    I find it strange that 2 different bikes, with 2 different batteries, and (I'm assuming) 2 different chargers, would be having the same charging problem. Are you charging them on or off the bikes? I usually charge my Bulls FS3 battery off the bike. Once, when I was having trouble getting a...
  16. Blueflash

    Dropper Seatpost on 2017 Bulls E-Stream Evo 3 27.5 Plus

    That top port is my main concern too, for routing like the other cables. It's only plastic though, so could probably be enlarged. Then, would have to worry about the channel in the down tube being able to handle another cable. I like your method as a second option though. To bad Bulls didn't put...
  17. Blueflash

    Dropper Seatpost on 2017 Bulls E-Stream Evo 3 27.5 Plus

    Glad to hear my measurements were correct. Mine has the hole at the bottom of the post tube too. You'll find removing the battery is of no help in the cable routing. That is a separate channel in the down tube, completely isolated from the cables. Not sure when I'm going to actually get a...
  18. Blueflash

    Dropper Seatpost on 2017 Bulls E-Stream Evo 3 27.5 Plus

    I've been looking into this as well. I have the 2016 non-plus FS3. I also have the 49cm frame. I dont know if there are other dimension differences between the 2-yrs that would affect the seat post sizes. My ride height from the top of the post clamp to the seat rail is about 190mm. My post will...
  19. Blueflash

    New 2016 Evo Stream FS3 27.5

    Welcome. I purchased the same bike from the same dealer last month. This model is a steal for the price. I also had a slightly bent front rotor that I assumed was shipping damage. Fortunately, it was easy to straighten. I noticed the Rockshox rear needed about 20 psi more then the manufacture's...
  20. Blueflash

    Let's see your best pic of your electric bicycle

    20 mile ride through North Idaho forest today.