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    Are Electric Bikes Really Transportation?

    Sure they are. It is what you make them. I can only speak for myself but I use my Wattwagon a lot more than my car. Shopping, commuting, recreation, long trips you name it. Average around 400 miles per month. But I came from years of being an avid biker. You need to know what you are doing out...
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    San Diego California Electric bicycle event. Tuesday October 14th 2014

    Court, yest I will be going. According to Turbo Bob there will be over 30 shops and companies represented! Should be an amazing evening.
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    So where will e-bike tech go?

    I think lower price points are the key. Right now you have to spend over $2500 to get a quality e-bike. I know the battery cost seems to be the limiting factor but prices will come down and range will go up. I really wonder how many units per month are being sold through to the consumer in the...
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    Isn't a 28mph Bosch the drive we really want?

    My take on this is that we are lucky to be able to be classified as bicycles and not having to licence our vehicles or pass any driving tests. In my experience with electric bikes, at much over 25 MPH they start to become too fast and the frames, tires and brakes start to get overworked...
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    San Diego California Electric bicycle event. Tuesday October 14th 2014

    Starts at 5:00 PM. You can test ride bikes. Just bring a helmet and sign a release. Here is a link for the flyer for the event:
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    Electric bike ride across America

    I just did a two and on half day tour of 375 miles in distance. I used two 48 volt 15 amp hour batteries in my Wattwagon. Range of around 70 plus miles. Start with a full charge, recharge once during the day will get you 120 to 160 miles. I used pedal assist (not breaking a sweat) and averaged...
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    Wattwagon electric assist bicycle trailer Kickstarter page now live!

    Here is a youtube video of the Wattwagon hauling an 8 foot surfboard!
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    Wattwagon electric assist bicycle trailer Kickstarter page now live!

    Check out our Kickstarter page on the Wattwagon electric assist bicycle trailer: Turns most quality bicycles into electric assist. Perfect for those who don't need or want a dedicated electric bicycle...
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    Alternative Electric Bike Pushers?

    I am an avid bikepacker. I have done several endurance mountain bike races like the Stagecoach 400 the AZT 300 and the Tour Divide (2800 miles) Non motorized of course! I have also done other long self supported bikepack trips but would like to incorporate the Wattwagon in my trips. That way I...
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    Alternative Electric Bike Pushers?

    Shea, Thanks for the feedback. The Wattwagon will be shipped speed limited to 20MPH. In regards to the video, I have reworked it several times based upon feedback. I added more ride videos, and pics of the Wattwagon and more captions. Sure I could make it better but I think it describes the...
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    Alternative Electric Bike Pushers?

    I am new to this community although I have been involved in the bicycle business for years. I have owned a bicycle shop, been an avid bicyclist and put on several bicycle events every year. I have dabbled in electric bikes for years and have recently got back into it. I now put on Electric...