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    I will be getting one of these!

    They need to start making some of these function in a full face helmet. The DH designs are great for protection but lack in lighting/ other safety features that work well with commuters. I like my teeth and my Fox Proframe make me feel much safer riding at 20+mph.
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    2019 Explore E+1 Motor wire routing?

    They always make it looks so easy in the videos!
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    Instead of a Suspension fork, I am getting a Baramind Bam Trek handlebar for Christmas. I'm so excited to give it a try. Its about price comparable with the Jones handlebars. Only comes from France at this point but it was easy enough to ship to the US. It has a built in downward flex...
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    Winter e-biking advices

    @steve mercier - I ended up chosing to go with a full face helmet, Fox Proframe, to protect me from just that. It breathes great in the summer, maybe a little sweatier but not bad. In the winter, it funnels the air quite well through the helmet so a hooded jersey and/or baklava is necessary...
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    Winter e-biking advices

    @Handlebars - you should be able to DIY something like bar mitts pretty easily. Some Neoprene, a zipper and some velcro strips. Wolf Tooth has a bar end connection that i bought for my bar mitts. I really like the positive connection better than the velcro on that the BarMitts came with...
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    Winter e-biking advices

    For cold hand, look into a pair of Bar Mitts / pogies. They are easy to install and remove all of the wind chill from your hands. So much so that I don't need to wear gloves at all and my hands are very warm. They have space to toss a hand warmer in too if you get the bigger models. I tend to...
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    Smartphone mounts for bikes, 2019/2020

    I'll third the quad lock. I use it on all my bikes and in my car. The cases are very protective (and I've proven that on multiple occasions because I drop my phone a lot.) There are various mounts that can be adapted to fit your bikes needs. Downside is you need to purchase a new case for...
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    a little bling on my bike.

    That's really cool! Do you have them glued together?
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    Are you telling me you are carrying the spare battery in a backpack?!

    @Stefan - What is the cover you have wrapped around your battery?
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    Anyone Ever Crunch a Squirrel?

    I'm 98% sure I crunched a rabbit a few weeks ago... Surprisingly I seemed to just go through it, even though I was going about 18 mph. I've been terrified of hitting them but they are all over the trail. I've figured out that if i call out to them (yep I'm the crazy lady on the trail talking...
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    Giant quick e newby

    @Hbomb - I bought this for my pump - Wolf Tooth Pump Bag. It mounts multiple ways and works with the Wolf Tooth B-RAD system. I have mine mounted on my top bar tucked back near the seat post. I have little to no extra standover space but it works...
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    Giant quick e newby

    @Hbomb - I ended up using the SKS Anywhere mount. I have a small Quick E frame and had the same problem. One will mount under the front derailleur mount and the other one above. My bottle cage fits as low as it will go that way. I can't fit a large bottle but the 20 oz ones fit well with a...
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    Rear Trunk Bag for Bulls Twenty8 E-45

    I don't have the same rack set up (mine uses the MIK system) but I was having a hard time finding a bag I liked that was compatible with the system. I ended up getting the base adapter and a Topeak trunk bag (Velcro) that I liked. I then drilled holes in the bag & mounted the base adapter...
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    How can I change my existing integrated headlight to a brighter one?

    I don' t have your bike but I was able to cut off my existing light and splice on a new light with no problem. There are several forums out there with information on how different people have gone about replacing their lights. You just need to make sure that you get a light that is compatible...
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    anybody ever get a flat with their shwalbe's and what was it from?

    Razor blade.. must have hit it with the front tire which cause it to stand up and then it slice clean through my back tire & tube. Immediate flat.. luckily I was super close to work. The slice was so big I had to walk back out to figure out what I had hit, and dispose of it so I wouldn't hit it...
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    Recommendations for cycling rain wear?

    Bar Mitts are amazing. Hands stay warm and dry with no gloves, all winter long! They look a little goofy but the comfort and dexterity is so worth it! Easy on and off if you need to switch bikes. There is even room for a hand warmer if it is super cold where you live.
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    Alt Water Bottle Holder

    I use a Relevate Designs Feedbag for my handlebar water bottle. It works great, holds the bottle securely and it easy to open and close with just one hand.
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    is there a way to tilt the Ortlieb hanger (not sure what else to call it) that attaches to your rack (possibly without the MIK deck) so that the bag angles up, away from the ground, like this or maybe even a more extreme angle? This might put the bag just out of heel strike range.
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    @2019QuickE - I was going back through some of the forums and I read that you can bolt the MIK deck on 2 ways which allows some forward/aft movement. Maybe bolting it on the other direction will help give you room to push your bag back. That might be your easiest solution. @Alan111S was the...
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    @2019QuickE - I'm thinking that you will get some extra height with the Metro E Rack. I was surprised at how high the deck is when I replaced my 2018 stock rack. You would have to hang your bag on the top of the rack instead of the lower pannier bar but it might work if you only need an inch...