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  1. stanmiller

    250W Bafang Trek Pure conversion with kit from Bluenergy

    Earlier this year I converted my wife's Trek Pure with a 36V 250W kit from Bluenergy. She loves it! We ride nearby greenways, visit coffee shops, and she takes it to the gym. The battery at 5.2 Ah is good for about 15 miles and speed tops out at 23MPH. Weighs 42 LBS Total cost of...
  2. stanmiller

    First ebike - Electra Townie conversion

    I've been following EBR since around 2015 after catching the Copenhagen Wheel on CBS - Innovation Nation. Since then the e-bike tech has come along way. Last month I converted my Townie to electric with a rear hub Bafang kit from Bluenergy.
  3. stanmiller

    Electra Townie conversion with kit from Bluenergy

    After a few years of lurking around here and endless-sphere, I finally took the plunge and converted my Electra Townie to an e-bike. I’m now over 530 634 1386 2000 miles in and couldn’t be happier. I had ridden this Townie and prior Trek Pure thousands of miles and along the way tuned the...