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    Specialized Turbo Creo 28mph Electric Road Bike

    Current speed isn't something you can check post-trip. I don't expect an iPad size display, maybe just a $100 cycle computer.
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    Specialized Turbo Creo 28mph Electric Road Bike

    I find it amazing that at $6,500+ the Creo doesn't have a display to at least show speed, mileage, and trip.
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    2020 : Our Rides in Words & Photos

    Is that a green crested, red breasted warbler? Very colorful.
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    What's your motor?
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    Bosch PowerPack 400, rack type- Seattle, WA

    You might put your location in case someone local is interested, then you could avoid the HazMat hassle.
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    How to fit a rear rack on a full suspension bike?

    How about one of the racks that clamp onto the seat post?
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    Neoprene Ebike Battery Covers for Cold Weather

    You guys missed my winky face. My point was that Steve has to cut his range in the winter because of the shorter daylight. Today he only has a bit over 8 hrs of sunlight while down here south of Tucson we're enjoying just over 10 hrs. I'll try to be more obvious next time. Dave
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    Neoprene Ebike Battery Covers for Cold Weather

    Shorter range; Would that be because of batteries or shortened daylight? ;)
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    SHOW us YOUR PIX here .... Odd, WeiRd ,UnUSuAl or EyE CaTchIng things from your rides

    Made a quick 18 mile loop between the rain showers. My turnaround point was Amado, between Tucson and Nogales. The Longhorn Bar and Restaurant has about the most unique entryway I've seen. It was getting dark as the next wave of rain was rapidly approaching so no time to enjoy the amenities inside.
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    Specialized Turbo Creo 28mph Electric Road Bike

    No, I believe there is a ratchet mechanism that connects the crank to the motor. It removes the motor and its gearing from the crank when the motor is not operating.
  11. S e-bikes on federal land

    NO bikes are allowed in designated wilderness areas, be they e-bikes or muscle bikes.
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    Noisy Motor

    Well, I picked up my bike from the dealer on Wed and they said it had a new motor. There’s still over a foot of snow on the ground from last week’s storm so my only test ride was circles in the parking lot. It did sound better, still a bit noisy but no longer scraping. Today I was able to ride...
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    Just Posted to Giant USA Website 2020 ROAD E+ 1 PRO (28MPH)

    I don't believe the stock bike comes with the Di2 system, it would be an additional add-on. The spec sheet lists Shimano Ultegra.
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    Noisy Motor

    Since the dealer is over an hour away, I've been doing all the communications over the phone. It's been over 6 weeks since I first reported the problem and I got fed up. I loaded the bike onto the rack and drove down to speak to them in person. The mechanic I had been dealing with had left for...
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    ebike withdrawal

    My ebike is in the shop for a motor replacement. The weather forecast for Northern Colorado calls for 8” to 18” of snow starting tomorrow with another storm right after Thanksgiving. That’s going to take a bit to melt. I wanted to get in a ride so I took my Dino-bike out for a 40 mile ride. It...
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    Noisy Motor

    I've considered that but the Yamaha website says all warranty claims must go through the dealer.
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    Noisy Motor

    I don’t know what the dealer’s problem is but they claim they still haven’t heard back from Yamaha. It’s been 6 weeks since I first reported the problem and still no resolution. Yamaha may have a 3 year warranty but it’s worthless if you try to make a claim.
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    Tail light for Yamaha Cross Core

    When I drop my motor down, there are 4 sets of connectors; a heavy 3 wire connector from the battery, a light 3 wire connector from the speed sensor, a light 5 wire connector from the display, and a light 2 wire connector going to the headlight. The connectors aren’t right at the motor, they’re...
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    Yamaha PW speed unlockers... SpeedBox2 vs EPlus vs BadAssBox 4 or 3.4

    Probably the same reason I can't return mine to Poland; US Customs wouldn't let it out so it was returned to me. I guess they're pretty tight about exporting electronic gadgets.