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  1. bascherz

    TongSheng 500W Conversion on 2004 Giant Cypress LX

    My first e-bike was a Surface 604 Colt, which I absolutely loved (and now my neighbor does!). But I should have researched motor kits before buying it as I had a custom-fitted 2004 Giant Cypress LX hybrid I love that was just sitting there being ignored. So I did some research (you know, modern...
  2. bascherz

    Windows Software for Programming Surface 604 Bikes?

    I've read in a couple places in this forum of a Windows application that allows the a Surface 604 bike to be programmed. I have questions about this: Where does the computer connect to the bike? What does the software allow you to customize? Does using the software void any warranty? Where can...
  3. bascherz

    Happy Summer 2019 from Northern Virginia!

    Thanks to the great video reviews by EBR, my decision of which to make my first ebike was easy (and fun!). I'm 6'5" tall and weigh around 240lbs. So I needed a bike that could hold more than 250lbs to feel "safe" in that regard. I also didn't want to break the bank. So many of these bikes are...