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    Is anything new with Orbea Gain 2020?

    Wondering what the Orbea Gain 2020's will bring? More powerful motor? Longer distance? Or just a few style tweaks on the 2020? Just wondering if anyone knows. Would love a little more push from the motor.
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    Shops that do electric bike conversions in the Bay Area, CA

    Hi, I am not a do it yourselfer at all, so am looking for a good shop that can convert one of my old bikes to an e-bike. Looking for the best lightweight and distance options. Anywhere from Monterey, CA and In the Bay Area, would be good.
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    Bike Racks for those who can't lift a heavy bike

    There is a article on EBR about best bike racks for e-bikes, but very few manufacturers or forums talk about the difficulty of trying to lift a heavy e-bike onto a rack. If you are older, or basically not strong enough to easily lift an e-bike up, it can be really challenging. Fortunately...
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    What new light weight e-bikes are on the horizon?

    Are there any more manufacturers coming out with lightweight e-bikes? Is Bianchi going to expand their line from one bike to several others? I've heard rumors that Specialized is coming out with one, maybe by the end of the year, but it is just a rumor. Anyone else see anything at demo events...