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  1. KLee

    I ? my EBike!

    Who else feels the same way about their Ebike?
  2. KLee

    Bouclier UV Protective Helmet Visor

    I was looking to purchase this helmet visor. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  3. KLee

    Battery Key (swivel type)

    Does anyone have a DIY fix for the battery keys (the ones that swivel with pins in them). I lost one of the pins and only have one remaining pin to hold the key together. These keys are so flimsy.
  4. KLee

    Problems opening attached photos/thumbnails

    Is anybody else having problems opening attached photos/thumbnails?
  5. KLee

    Problems opening attached photos/thumbnails

    Is one else having problems viewing attached photos/thumbnails?
  6. KLee

    New Headlight Installed

    I finally received the Busch & Müller IQX-E headlight from a German bike store after placing the order about a month ago. Installation was easy. It was just a matter of connecting the leads of the headlight to the Y-adapter Higo connector I purchased from a Juiced Forum member. I made sure...
  7. KLee

    New CCX Pictures

    I installed the Topeak rear rack that was previously on my Trek 1100. The side bags are actually handlebar bags that I relocated to the rear rack. The tail light is a NiteRider Solas 2 watt (USB rechargeable). The reflective sidewalls and piping on the bags really pop out on some of these...
  8. KLee

    First Ride on CCX

    I went for a quick 20 minute ride this evening. I could not wait any longer. It was not too cold outside, about 40 degrees but dry. It was about 5:30pm and pitch black outside so I put the headlight to the test. I fired up the LCD display turned on the headlight and set the power assist to...
  9. KLee

    Wellgo pedals Do Not Spin Freely

    Hello fellow Juiced owners, I just received the CCX today and when I was installing the Wellgo pedals I noticed they were quite stiff and did not spin freely. hey will not even spin 1 rotation when I flick them with my fingers. Are they supposed to be this way? If not, how do I adjust them to...