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    Slime question?

    Decided to add a puncture resistant liner to my Aventon Pace 500 tires, and carry a can of Slime as a back-up. But, when slime is inside the tires, does it plug up the valve stem when checking PSI and/or plug up the hand pump when used??? Slime is cheaper than a liner!
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    Chain lock discussion wanted

    So, what thickness works OK for majority of theft protection? I'm looking at the Titanker bike chain @ 8mm & 2.5# (3.3ft) for $17 OR the 4 ft. Krptonite Keeper 712 at 7mm & 3.7# for $34. How many here have lost an ebike using these thickness of chains?? Prices at Amazon.
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    Pump, slime, trunk bag advice needed

    Just ordered Aventon Pace 500 ebike. Debating between a smaller trunk bag on bike rack to carry tire pump (need recomendation for up to 50psi), which size slime can (tubed 27.5x2.2 tires), what size trunk bag to carry those items plus small lunch, jacket, cell phone, maybe another water...
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    Gazelle Medeo T9 vs. Trek Verve+

    Both are close in price and weight. Pros for Medeo is Bosch active line+ motor with higher torque (50nm vs 40nm trek), suspension fork, chain cover and comes in a larger frame for my 5'11". Con is frame flex & fender rattle per Court's review. Pros for Trek is slightly lower price and...
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    contact protection when battery is removed??

    Thinking there should be some sort of weather protected plate that covers the battery contact points when the battery is removed?? Do any brands offer that? I keep hearing that batteries will last longer if removed when too cold or too hot or when being transported on a bike rack, but then...
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    Which is easier to repair/replace: hub or mid drive motors?

    Any difference in their service longevity, repair cost, repair history, or are both motor types pretty similar in these respects?
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    Best brands? Best warranties?

    With so many ebike manufacturers to choose from, hows a newbie to choose? What's your thoughts on which companies will still be around in 10 years? Who has the most dealers? Who has the best warranties? I'm looking for under $3000 and with brands that have some lighter (around 50#) ebikes...
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    Suggestions for ebikes under 45# and under $3k please!

    My local dealer has a EVO Bushwick at $1900 which is roughly 40#. 350W rear hub 36v with only a 7.8ah "smart battery". Literature claims 20mph and 50 mile range (assume at lowest assist level?). Anyone else have this bike? Other suggestions appreciated!!
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    New member needs ebike advice!

    Hi folks, wonderful website here! In the short time I've visited EBR, I haven't seen a pro-con on hub drives vs. mid-drives? I'm wanting to put the ebike that I haven't bot yet on a bike rack behind my travel trailer. Will remove the battery though. Speaking of which, hope the industry...