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    SpeedBox 2 - Yamaha PW-X

    I ordered a SpeedBox 2 from Poland for my 2019 Yamaha Wabash with the PW-SE motor. They sent the wrong model. I’ve tried to return it but US Customs wouldn’t let it through and returned it to me. This WILL NOT work if you have a Yamaha bike with the hub mounted speed sensor. If you have a Yamaha...
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    Veterans Day

    Today's odometer on my ebike, in honor of Veterans Day.
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    Tubeless Conversion

    I just completed converting my wheels from tubes to tubeless and thought others might like to get an idea of what's involved and the cost. First off, even though my Yamaha Wabash wheels came with tubes, both the rims and tires were tubeless compatible. This meant I did not have to purchase...
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    Pretty Good Headlight

    My Wabash came stock with a Yamaha labeled 6V 4.2W LED headlight but I have been looking to replace it with something more powerful. Tonight was my first ride after dark and I was quite impressed with the stock light. At 15mph I didn’t feel I was outriding the light and I could easily see the...
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    Noisy Motor

    I purchased my Wabash about 3 weeks ago. I have been riding it quite a bit (love it) and currently have 350+ miles on it. Lately I have noticed that with little load on the motor, it makes a scraping sound that has been getting worse. It occurs in all boost levels but I notice it most in ECO+...
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    Class 3 Legality?

    I'm in the process of purchasing my first ebike. My wife purchased an Electra Loft 8i last week and now I can't keep up with her on the hills! I've been both a road and mtn biker for years but at 72 I've given up the knarly single track for fear of injury but I still enjoy gravel Forest Service...