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    2016 Currie iZip catalog

    Nice looking stuff... except that only Metro and Zuma have throttle any more: all others now have only a stupid "boost button", I guess to comply with whatever California legal idiocy.
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    IZIP E3 Protour‎ coming soon?

    Well looky here... like Dash but with integrated battery and 400W mid drive: The catalog under Marketing Support has the details. Looks like the 2016 Dash will also be mid drive and with hydraulic brakes. Actually most iZips...
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    Attack of the mutant stealth thorns!

    The other day I was riding home from work when I heard a twig get stuck in a tire again but it fell off after a second or two before I had time to stop. I have tire liners and everything seemed fine until the next morning when the tire was flat. Ok, slow leak then. Drive to work that day in the...
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    Dash: is there a hack to reduce power on PAS 1?

    I thought I remembered seeing one posted but can't find any trace of it now. Perhaps it was some other bike or I totally hallucinated it...
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    That Tesla home battery price...

    $3500 for a 10 kWh unit, so $350/kWh. I so wish Mr. Musk would start making bike batteries.
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    2015 Dash rear wheel doesn't spin freely

    First I thought it was the normal cogging of a gearless hub motor but it seems to have gotten worse and doesn't seem reasonable: the bike is really heavy to pedal unpowered and when the wheel is off the bike, you can hardly turn the axle by hand. There's no rattling or grinding that would...
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    Tool for adjusting that rear brake pad on an iZip Dash

    ...and possibly other bikes. If you're less DIY minded or don't have bolt cutters and a bench grinder to chop up an allen key, you can now order a 3D printed tool here:
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    Dash cruise control seems to save battery

    ...compared to plain throttle mode of course. Statistical sample size is only three commutes but the first two times I was just using the throttle and had three bars left when I got to work. Today I kept the same speed, a little under 20 mph, but using the cruise control most of the time and had...
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    Dash fender question to you Currie folks, please?

    Could you reveal what the fenders were on the Dash with City Kit on display at Interbike? If you're not going to sell the kit, at least tell where to get the fenders, if they are for sale somewhere.
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    Any ergo grips for Dash?

    I got Ergon GP1 Rohloff/Nexus version grips waiting for my Dash to arrive because they were said to fit a twist throttle too but now I see no way to make them work. The throttle on the Dash is so huge and the right grip so tiny that it would require either sawing off some of the wider part of...
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    Any details yet about the Dash city kit?

    Anybody (CurrieTech?) know yet what it's going to include, for what price and most importantly, when? I'm trying to figure out here whether I should wait for it or start gathering accessories for the Dash I'm (hopefully) soon getting.
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    New iZips now appearing on Currie website

    Peak DS, Sumo, 2015 Dash...
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    Any news on e-Joe One?

    It seems strange that there are no news or reviews or anything about it anywhere since the last review of the prototype here but it seems to be for sale online for a price that's too good to be true if it's not total rubbish: What's going on here...?
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    Dash: realistic throttle only range?

    Sorry if this has been asked and answered already, but now that many have been riding the Dash, has anyone tried how many miles it goes without pedaling at all? I'm looking for a commuter bike that could get me to work in the morning without a drop of sweat and I'd get the exercise then on the...