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    Homage Frame Size

    I am 5' 10" tall which makes me 1.77M tall. Homage frame sizes are listed as small for riders 1.65-1.8M tall, or medium for riders 1.75 - 1.9M tall. Any thoughts or first hand experience before I order the bike? I appear to be on the cusp or a small or a medium fram. I am really unclear...
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    SDuro Trekking SL 3000 mile review.

    Just turned 3000 Miles on my Sduro Trekking SL. No significant problems of any kind. A few fiddly issues. I had to solder larger gauge wire pigtail so the rear light would maintain connection. The kick stand needs to be tightened routinely. Replaced front pads at about 2000 miles. Still on...
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    Phone Charging USB SDURO Trecking with Yamaha

    Has anyone successfully used the mini USB on the control pad for phone charging? I got a cable that fits but doesn't seem to charge the phone. Not sure how to test connections. Thanks in advance.