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    Is it realistic to expect........

    Much from a new OMNI when owners of new or late model bikes cannot even get Stromer to answer phone(Stromer usa), or do anything for people who stepped up by buying the expensive bike(Stromer company) And now are stuck with it and no support?
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    6 wheels

    Posts are getting fewer, so I thought I would make a post and show off, I guess. Now that I know hot weather is hard on batteries, I had to get something with 2 wheels that won’t mind the heat. 2019 Harley flsl. Last year Harley redesigned softail frame and basically did away with many...
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    Light and motion Seca 6v headlight

    I will have to give this a 2 thumbs up For permanent 28 mph st2 headlight Replacement. Way stronger than (less than supernova) oem light and close enough to m99. Cut you supernova wire and like everything else, connect red to red, black to black, and Yahtzee. I think bike detected it sometime...
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    Can I please get latest greatest headlight options for st2?

    I got spoiled with st2s headlight, but sold bike. Now I’m back to same old problem- 45kph bike with 25kph light. I’ve supplemented (less than) super. Nova with Felix rechargeable battery and it helps, but prefer light wired into bike. I bought a light and motion seca 1800 and it’s about equal...
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    Costco slinging ebikes

    I have always thought Ebikes would become very popular(because I think they are so great). Costco selling a $1400 step thru, hidden battery, hub motored ebike will surely help getting the word out.
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    O.G. Mid drive!

    Pictures speak for themselves.
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    Great battery care article in new electric bike action magazine.

    Authored by RAVI! Good job Ravi? I wonder if the neoprene jacket some put around frame to keep battery warm in winter would work like a beer can koozie to keep battery cooler during summer?
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    Thought about a mountain bike........

    And bought one. 2019 Beta 300. E start, street legal by adding a mirror, cost less than st3, picture is 6 miles from home. Ruined my knee a decade ago on dirt bike, maybe somehow this one will fix knee. No pedaling, but plenty of exercise for me. Stromer are still better on street.
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    Ciudad Juarez

    I guess Stromer USA has moved. According to their map on Swiss Stromer website, they pinpoint their two world locations- somewhere in Europe and more importantly their North American mark is pretty much right on Ciudad Juarez. The worlds most deadliest city. Could be a step in the right...
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    Sometimes a mfg. gets it so right- discountinuing is the only op

    Idk, but I think I still like my 20mph girls frame ST1(with jailbroke boost) better than my st2(sold) or st2s! Appearance wise- it’s got a more masculine stance than any Stromer because of its long head tube. Way easier to get off and on than st2 girls frame or st2s. Glancing at speedo is...
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    My st2s fitted to my likes(tooting me and stromers horn)

    My friend don’t even know it’s a new bike. Me, it’s the coolest thing I got going. Some parts stolen from st1, stickers from my collection. Stromer branded Expion Forks work WAY better than Stromer branded radions on st1. Stoked about that. Kinda like the electric shift thing too. Happy
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    My new st2s

    After selling my st2 6months ago and only riding my trusty st1- I stepped up for speed. Everything is as promised, but tomorrow it’s getting new forks, bars- stretching up and forward, my old sus. Seatpost and brooks seat, old pedals, new Busch big mirror and it will be just right. Came with a...
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    Bunch of pics of es45 fs

    added to my classified post!
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    Geometry Schmeometry! Only affects standover height?

    About to buy another Stromer(st2s)and have concluded the only difference between 17" and 20" is you lose standover height on 20". The only measurement that changes is seat tube height(by 3"), top tube length and everything else remains the same. Even on the 22"- seat tube is 5" taller(than...
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    Something funny happen on .........

    the way home from SLC at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, Navaho Nation, northern AZ. I pulled in for fuel and there were a half dozen full dresser Harley's parked. I noticed one was a new Indian, so started quizzing the guy... "No, no not so fast, I'm German". Oh , German, I have a...
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    Bulls es45 fs firmware updated by classy SLC LBS!

    Had my firmware updated by David at Espokes in SLC. He dropped what he was doing late afternoon day before SLC EBIKE EXPO even though I was 45 minutes late(snowstorm slowed me down). He hooked up laptop and spent a fair amount of time on it, talked with Barney to make sure it was latest and...
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    So my emtb kicks up a little more dust...... BFD

    Bottom pic is a hill climbed 1000's of times by mtbikers. Top pic is the same hill after a 1/2 dozen climbs on my freshly flashed Bulls 45. Sure, I loosened up a little material, but no big deal.
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    Grand Canyon Stromer

    when you are cruising the canyon you need a bike you can count on.......... my trusty st1 in fishing configuration. Lees Ferry, AZ
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    SLC ebike expo first day.........

    I came up for several reasons, but just seeing(super bike friendly)Salt Lake City has made trip worthwhile. Honestly, the nicest big city i've ever been and because of substantial elevation changes- would be a great place to own an ebike. Test rode a half dozen bikes and surprised myself on what...
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    EU taxes, thinking, and allowing is way different than USA!

    I suppose I am thankful for EU. For they are the ones advancing ebikes- I guess. I'll use Germany from here out. Gas tax=$3.00 gallon, $6.00 a gallon at the pump. yet speed limits on hwys are 80mph. We all know how much more gas is burned at 80 vs. 65, but 65 would likely be dangerously slow...