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    No more SparkBike, now it's Rize

    With torque sensing, LCD lock, new colours, 20Ah batteries on some...and cruise control.
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    Why is everything Elon scam-ish?

    The latest unless there's another already:
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    Leaked oil coming from lever pivot pin

    EBR friends, I'm new to disk brakes and my Tektro brakes are now both leaking fluid from the area of the lever pivot pin. One of the leaks is substantial now and has been there since day one, the other started after I bled both brakes the other day. I've tried googling it but found nothing much...
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    Good Stuff You Bought

    Just any stuff that you really like which is available on the market.
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    Is it a good practice to regrease geared hub motors as part of usual preventative maintenance after putting on some mileage?

    That's the first question. Also, which grease - white lithium or something that doesn't get thrown off as easily?
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    E-bike riding instruction and tips

    I noticed a post about trouble riding ebike with one hand on the bars when using hand signals and from there I thought a bit and noticed that there isn't much instruction for ebike riders at all. There's lots of very good motorcycle instruction but nothing for ebike. There are difficulties...
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    Invisibility Training

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    I went nuts and ordered too much. I have 1extra of OnGuard 8019 Mastiff 3.5' 10mm hexagonal chain and 14mm shackle lock $53 CAD OnGuard 8008 Pitbull Mini 14mm shackle DT U-Lock and 4' 10mm cable $37 CAD They are in original packaging and have not been opened.
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    Disk brake sounds like heavy wood scraping concrete

    The rear hydraulic disk brake sounds like that about half the time ... not squealing at all, just scraping. Bike is 2 weeks old 300km with lots of braking. Is that a sound that is recognizable for a likely diagnosis?
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    How can I know what pads to buy for my Tektro hydraulic brakes?

    I can't see any model ID on my new bike's Tektro hydraulic brakes. Added info: On the lever I see a model HD-E350 also I found this guide...
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    Is my battery bad?

    My store bought ebike came with a reention LG 48V 17Ah battery. It arrived about 10 days ago. I've noticed that my mileage seemed weak, especially notice it from 100 %. It drops to 88% in a ride of 7km with taking it no more than 20 km/hr and helping, always pedalling, taking it easy on the...
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    How do you carry your battery, when leaving your bike locked outside in the city?

    That's the question. I'm trying to think of a way to make sure it doesn't take a fall when I'm shopping. I'm imagining a closeable shoulder sling of some sort would be safest. What's your solution?
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    Does A Bafang Rear Geared Hub Spin Freely?

    My new store bought bike came with front wheel axle nuts over-tightened, cutting down freewheeling a lot. That was easily remedied. The rear wheel is much less restricted than the front was, but it doesn't spin for a long time at all. Before I take the wheel off I wondered "Do such rear hub...
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    Loosen hydraulic brakes?

    I got my new ebike from the shipper, Loomis, with a big hole smashed into the box and re-taped. From what I could see there wasn't damage, but when I opened it there was a scratch on the battery and a long scratch on the underside of the frame tube above it. It may have been the front wheel...
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    Show your SparkBike!

    Let's see 'em! How was the delivery and performance? I have a Spark City on the way.
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    Help Critique My Stealth e-bike Parts and Sellers Choices

    Here's my intended choices. Thanks for looking! The intended use is almost all for street, mostly "stop and go" in city. I intend to limit the motor to 18 mph assist and will pedal hard and shift from stops, to keep up with traffic between traffic lights. Otherwise, to take it easy on side...
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    List of good sellers of inexpensive Bafang kits and for batteries with good name-brand cells

    Please name any good seller you've bought from or heard about.
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    Are there great deals at end-of-season bike blowout fairs?

    I'm looking at this one in Toronto and wondering if the discounts get real near the end... " Bicycle Fall Blowout Sale, October 5, 2019 The best deals on end of season clear-out stock A once-a-year, 7 hour, sales blitz – 10 a.m. to 5 p.m."