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  1. Mtl_Biker

    Giant EVO Display

    NO! !!!! That USB charging port is NOT for charging the EVO... it's for powering an external accessory. I use mine to power my iPhone. The EVO has no battery backup (so doesn't need charging) and takes its power from the bike's battery. I keep my iPhone on a mount on the handlebars and...
  2. Mtl_Biker

    2020 GIANT Explore-E+ Maximum Range Expectations

    Take what the computer suggests for range with a grain of salt. You really need to actually ride the bike to get a feel for the range. That model has the EVO on it? You are aware I hope, that different size tires will affect the accuracy of the readouts for both speed and distance. It's a...
  3. Mtl_Biker

    New Schwalbe Marathon E Plus

    The E3 doesn't have fenders if I'm not mistaken... I have a 2019 E+1 with fenders and the stock tires are 622 x 45. I'm afraid that a 622 x 55 would be too wide and interfere with the fenders. Not to mention changing the speed and distance readout. The 622 x 47 would probably be my best bet...
  4. Mtl_Biker

    Hi from Daventry

    You lost me there with the "...walking across the floor on its own..." E+1 GTS... 2019? If I'm not mistaken, other than in North America there might be a 2020 E+1 available.
  5. Mtl_Biker

    Hi from Daventry

    Welcome, Pete! Is that a 2020 model? I've got a 2019 Explore E+1 and love it.
  6. Mtl_Biker

    Fastroad E+ EX PRO

    In fall I found a little bit of information about the new 2020 models and at first glance the Fastroad E+ EX Pro seemed to be what I wanted. But I was turned off by the small battery, lack of front suspension and smaller wheels (smaller than on the Explore E+). And comparing components, I also...
  7. Mtl_Biker

    2020 Giant Explore E+ 2 GTS, I think I found my bike!

    It can be a bit difficult to try a bike before you buy, and then even more difficult to actually buy one! In fall I was lucky enough to get an Explore E+3 to try for a day and I liked it, but found the (medium) frame a bit too large for comfort. I was thinking that I would wait for the 2020...
  8. Mtl_Biker

    Hello from Mississauga Canada with Pedago and a Vado 4.0

    Hello, Just a friendly suggestion... instead of tacking your question onto other people's threads, it would really be best if you started your own thread, with an informative title so that anyone who might be able to help you would see the topic and hopefully jump in. I've seen your question...
  9. Mtl_Biker

    EVO Display

    I haven't bothered trying that because I keep my iPhone in a cradle on my handlebars. I use the EVO just for what it natively gives me, usually set to show cadence and speed. But what youi're trying SHOULD work, otherwise why would they claim it has navigation features. My 2019 Explore E+1...
  10. Mtl_Biker

    2019 Explore E+1 Motor wire routing?

    I haven't seen a video, but the PDF with photos sure makes it sound and look easy. :) But they are also not showing the details of the harder part, just saying "Stow all in the frame tube" and "Fold the motor up again, making sure no cables were squeezed." SIGH I've still got the bike...
  11. Mtl_Biker

    2019 Explore E+1 Motor wire routing?

    Has anyone seen some kind of guide about how the motor wiring should be routed? I’ve had the motor pivoted down (on the back bottom bolt) and I can’t for the life of me get the wiring routed back the way it should be. Every time I bring the motor back up into place I find there‘s some wire left...
  12. Mtl_Biker

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the forum! Do you have an e-bike yet? Is there one you're considering? If you're just looking for general information, you really should just read as much as you can on the different forum sections. Do you have a good local bike shop (LBS)? Common advice here is to buy from a...
  13. Mtl_Biker

    PNW checking in...

    Welcome to the forum, Carl! You say the weather hasn't been good for riding... rain or snow? Here in Montreal at the moment the roads are bare and dry but for the last two weeks they were already snow-covered and I thought the riding season was over for us. Lots of rain forecast for later...
  14. Mtl_Biker

    Removing Chainring? 2019 Explore E+1

    Wow! Most helpful! Thanks very much!
  15. Mtl_Biker

    Removing Chainring? 2019 Explore E+1

    Thanks. I'll have to see if I can get one. But since Yamaha bikes are not sold in Canada, it might be a bit tough. Do you have one? Does it list torque values for things that are not really part of the PW drive, like chainring nut torque, crank pedal torque, etc. Or only the motor itself...
  16. Mtl_Biker

    Removing Chainring? 2019 Explore E+1

    Have you ever come across something like a shop manual for these bikes? It would be real nice to have the torque values for things like the chainring nut, crank bolts, etc. I'm a bit concerned about putting the crank arms back on... they were really tightly on and very difficult to remove...
  17. Mtl_Biker

    Removing Chainring? 2019 Explore E+1

    Thank you! I'm going to take a chance on it being 36mm. I'm at work now and found a tape with both Imperial and metric measures, and the estimate of 1 3/8" I made yesterday is real darn close to 36mm. I don't think I want to fuss with disassembling the spider if I don't have to. I'm bummed...
  18. Mtl_Biker

    Removing Chainring? 2019 Explore E+1

    I'm trying to remove the chainring on my 2019 Explore E+1 GTS and ran into an unexpected nut. I've got the crank arms off on both sides but there's a really large nut holding the chainring in place. And it's recessed enough that I can't use a wrench or vice-grips to open it. Looks like I need...
  19. Mtl_Biker

    Just Posted to Giant USA Website 2020 ROAD E+ 1 PRO (28MPH)

    It would be prohibitively expensive for me to buy a Giant bike in the US and then bring it into Canada. Duties and taxes are paid on the bike when it arrives in the US, and I'd have to AGAIN pay duties and taxes upon bringing it into Canada. Plus the dollar exchange rate is really poor. At...
  20. Mtl_Biker

    Just Posted to Giant USA Website 2020 ROAD E+ 1 PRO (28MPH)

    It's now on the Canadian Giant site also, but it doesn't say that it's a 28mph bike like the US site says. I wonder if Canadian regulations limit the speed. I'd think that if the Canadian version of the bike also does 28mph, they would say so. That would be a great selling point.