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  1. YTOUY

    ebike withdrawal

    I have used these warmers on my cold morning commutes, and they work well keeping my fingers and toes warm. I stick the toe warmers on the outside of my socks, under the arch of my feet. The hand warmers are placed between my wool mittens and the outer gloves. Costco warehouses carry both the...
  2. YTOUY

    Stromer ST1X vs Pedego City Commuter

    If I were in your situation, I would take the train to NYC and head to Propel in Brooklyn. The shop carries Stromer ebikes, including the ST1X. Good luck.
  3. YTOUY

    A Deeper Look at Gates Carbon Belt Drives at Eurobike

    Chris, thank you for a thorough review on the Gates carbon fiber belt.
  4. YTOUY

    St1x tomorrow

    Glad to ear you received your handelbar from France. Hairspray i\was also what I used for my ergon grips, then I tightened the set screw at the end of the grip and that seemed to do the trick. Enjoy the upgraded ride!
  5. YTOUY

    St1x tomorrow

    I ordered direct from Baramind as I was communicating with them on the right fit for my Strimer. It was shipped as an international parcel, so you will get a note from your mail person to go sign for and pick up your package at your local post office. Fear not, your handlebar will arrive in a...
  6. YTOUY

    Considering an ST3... but which color ?

    White, of course!
  7. YTOUY

    St1x tomorrow

    I have the 16.5 inch frame ST1, and a 31.6 cm x 35 cm Kinekt bodyfloat. There is about 5 inches of seat post exposed above the frame. I hope this helps with your selection.
  8. YTOUY

    St1x tomorrow

    I chose the Baramind Trek, because I liked the simplicity of the Baramind handlebar (no adjustments, just swap out stock Stromer handlebar for new one). I photographed the placements of all the pieces on the original handlebar setup before disassembling them. I am not noticing much of a change...
  9. YTOUY

    St1x tomorrow

    Great looking ride! I hope you get lots of happy miles.
  10. YTOUY

    St1x tomorrow

    Welcome to the Stromer family! To improve the quality of my ride on my ST1 Platinum, I swapped out my original seat post and handlebar for a Kineckt bodyfloat seat post and Baramind handlebar.
  11. YTOUY

    2014 Stromer ST1 Platinum

    The LBS installed fenders and a Topeak rear rack for me. I can not say I've looked for a front rack, so I do not have an opinion on this. The rear rack works well for the Ortlieb panniers and a rack bag. I recently installed the Kinekt Body float seat post and the Baramind Trek handlebar to...
  12. YTOUY

    Hello from Chicago - Frenchies couple

    Welcome! I hope your new ebikes get you to places you want to visit in Chicago.
  13. YTOUY

    shifter question

    Any regular bike shop can help you adjust the mechanisms. If they will let you, be sure to watch how the tech does it and then you'll know how to adjust it in the future (if you are so inclined).
  14. YTOUY

    Why are bike seats such a pain to adjust?

    I completed two commutes to work (64 miles) on my new bodyfloat. It was like riding on a full suspension mountain bike. My only regret is not buying one earlier.
  15. YTOUY

    My new ebike

    Nice looking ride!
  16. YTOUY

    Hello From Colorado

  17. YTOUY

    Hello From Colorado

    Hi, what is the length of the Cirrus seat post you have? 350 or 420 mm? Thanks!
  18. YTOUY

    St1 battery

    I've had my ST1 Platinum for 4 years (with over 4100 miles) and am still using the original battery pack. I looked into getting a spare once, but decided that at $900, I would hold off until I need to get a replacement.
  19. YTOUY

    Greetings from Colorado

    Thanks for the suggestion. Have a look a my post on the Stromer forum.
  20. YTOUY

    2014 Stromer ST1 Platinum

    I liked commuting to work by bike, and did at most 2 round trips per week (15 miles each way). That took a lot of effort even on a nice light road bike. I test rode a Haibike at a bike expo and knew I needed to look into ebikes as a viable option for increasing the number of rides to work. I...