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    Is the Bafang motor used on the Crosscurrent line customized for Juiced?

    Hey youth. You just needing slow down on racking up all those miles. Your making the rest of us look bad!
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    Killer Slopes

    I can say this. Whatever you are doing on your regular bike an ebike should at least double it. Don't buy that bit that you will arrive at work refreshed and sweat free. It's definitely easier but, in my experience, you'll still get a workout if you live in the mountains
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    Help with motor behavior after crash

    Sorry to hear the dog didn't get hurt. Maybe you'll even the score next time :)
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    Juiced bike or voltbike or...

    I got myself a CCS and later bought my wife a voltbike elegant. I do not know about the enduro, but wish I would have bought my wife a CCS. I've been very satisfied with the Juiced. I know some have "thrown off" on Juiced customer service but they probably didn't ever have to deal...
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    Helmets...Wear Them!!!

    Like I said, I'm glad I had mine on.
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    Helmets...Wear Them!!!

    Glad I had mine on!
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    Odometer reset to zero?

    Very interesting. Mine reset with just under 1600 MI too. I thought I must have inadvertently pushed the on and down at the same time but now I wonder.
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    Seeking Advice on helmet and accessories

    For years I rode without a helmet. When I got my Juiced CCS I decided it was time to get one. I literally bought the cheapest one I could find on Amazon. It saved my life a couple of weeks ago. In retrospect I wish I would have put my safety above saving a few dollars. Whatever you get, be...
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    How many times have you heard "that's cheating!"? ?

    With the exception of one guy, the people I have heard this remark from would not put their butt to any bike. I have started to encourage them to cheat with me. Got to be careful how you word that though.
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    Juiced Riding Techniques For Hills Question

    Lot of hills where I live. It's just hard to negate gravity. I normally use level 2 or 3. With my bike the S mode seems no better climbing. The TAB is helpful topping out. I'm still 'huffing and puffing'(and sweating) but at least I'm going faster than on my mebike.
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    What mirror do you use on your CrossCurrent S?

    I tried the Hafney turned down but ended up getting a new set of grips and using a bar end mirror.
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    That "Coaling" Thing

    Oh no, I own a Prius and an ebike!
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    Looking for feedback on a few models

    Have you looked at the BH Evo line? I got my son one but my wife likes it too.
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    High speed deer collision.

    Don't know. Part of me hopes he's hurting worse than me. My wife and I were joking he's probably drinking out of my lost Contigo and 'high fiving' his buddies.
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    High speed deer collision.

    I had thought about this before. It was mostly a passing thought though. Up till now I have mostly been worried about crazy drivers.
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    High speed deer collision.

    I have to agree with you. This has already made me rethink my biking habits. I started doing my commute on the ebike to both save money and be healthy. Both those went out the window yesterday.
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    High speed deer collision.

    I thought the same thing. My paternal grandmother died form brain cancer. One of my uncle's had a brain tumor the size of an egg removed several years ago and he's still going strong.
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    High speed deer collision.

    The helmet I was using was literally the cheapest one I could find on Amazon. I purchased a blue one for my wife the same day but the white and orange was two dollars cheaper. My son says I would get a penny of of a urinal! Anyway, I already ordered a new one. It has more coverage and mips...
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    High speed deer collision.

    More attachments. I also pulled the data from map my ride.