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  1. ruffruff

    It's official!

    Juggernaut Fat tire is now official bigfoot research vehicle!
  2. ruffruff

    integrated brake and shifter

    My donor bike has the integrated shifter brake setup. This makes it difficult to use the included brake levers with motor cutoff. Can I use these and keep my original brakes?
  3. ruffruff

    Battery for Ebikling 1200w rear motor

    Can anyone recommend a battery for the Ebikling 1200w rear direct drive kit? Not looking for crazy Ah's-something in the 10-12-15 Ah range. The controller is a 30 amp controller if that matters.
  4. ruffruff

    torque klunk when using the throttle

    From day one, I've noticed a torque twist feel in the pedals when I hit the throttle. I can feel something "twisting" like it is taking up some space before the power is transferred to the chain. Is this normal for a mid-drive? Something loose? I contacted customer support and they said this is...
  5. ruffruff

    Truck bed rack problem solved

    background....I live in Mn and want to bike all winter, but we use a ton of salt on the roads. I have a Yakima Hold up 2 hitch rack for the summer, but REALLY wanted to get the bike in the bed for the winter to avoid all the salty road spray on the bike. Did a lot of trial and error stuff and...
  6. ruffruff

    Donor bike for rear hub motor

    I want to build my own this time around. I bought a Giant Rincon off Fleabay but I didn't notice it was 24 gears until I hit the BUY button. I'm looking at an Ebikling kit and they come with the 21 speed cassette. Am I going to have an issue dropping the kit wheel with 7 gears on the cassette...
  7. ruffruff

    Narrow wheelset for Juggernaut Classic

    What is a good wheelset for gravel/tar paths to swap into the Classic? The scenario is; during he summer I ride mostly gravel trails. In the fall it's full on off-road through the woods. So I'm thinking of running something more narrow in the summer then putting the big fatties back on in the...
  8. ruffruff

    BIG rear rack for fat tire

    Who makes a good, solid WIDE rear rack that will fit a fat tire?
  9. ruffruff

    BigStone c300s controller

    My wife has an Emojo bike with a BigStone c300s display. When you use the throttle you only get power based on what petal assist level you are in. In other words, to get full throttle you need to be in Level 5, annoying if you want to get through an intersection from a stop and in a low PAS...
  10. ruffruff

    Growing impatient

    Pre-ordered my Juggernaut Classic 8/14 Initially, delivery was said to be end of August They pushed it back to mid Sept. It's been 37 days and no sign of delivery! I grow impatient!
  11. ruffruff

    5 out 10 on DIY truck bike rack

    I wanted to try a DIY pickup bed bike rack. I saw a couple builds using the cheap cargo bar as the basis. 1. harbor freight cargo bar $14.00 2. Shop Rack $34 I drilled out the rivet that held the friction pad on and the shop rack tubes slid right on. Took all of 5 minutes to build. But here...
  12. ruffruff

    HydroDipped my helemet tonight

    Always wanted to try a hydrodip project so I thought my helmet would be a fairly good first attempt. Turned out pretty good if you don't look too close!
  13. ruffruff

    Got harrassed on the trail today

    Had friends in town and they wanted to try Ebikes so we rented and set off down the trail. And the intersection of a trail we pulled off to take a break at a picnic table. We are off the trail in a grassy area, not blocking anything and here comes a guy on a road bike, full lycra outfit...ya...
  14. ruffruff

    Sort of impulse buy...

    I have been shopping for an ebike for my wife for about a month. She is a very casual rider and looking for all out comfort. Was about to order the Blix cruiser but went to the state fair today and a local shop had Emojo. I was marked down for a fair "sale" to $1400. I asked if he would take...
  15. ruffruff

    Ready to pull the trigger

    RadRover at $1400 or BikTrix Juggernaut Classic at $1900
  16. ruffruff

    Would you do this deal?

    I have the old fart bike thread but I thought this was a different topic. My wife and I rented Rad bikes today....she loved it by the now I'm in the market for two! The rental shop was nice and friendly like the guy a lot. He says: "In October we will be selling off a couple of bikes...
  17. ruffruff

    Help an old fat fart find a bike!

    I'm 59 and want to get back into biking. I loved mountain biking back before life happened. So I'm looking at an ebike to get back into light off roading and tar trail riding. I've gone down the rabbit hole and have research fatigue. I know i need to actually ride some but shops around here...