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    How do you use e-power on your e-bike?

    I keep my bike in eco kind of as the default setting. Without assistance, my bike can be tough to start from a stop if the motor is off and I forget to gear down. I don’t want to risk a fall. I mostly use sport and turbo for hill climbing assistance, as we have a lot of hills here and my knees...
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    Ebike Sightings | What are you seeing?

    Still pretty rare in Inland Southern California, but getting more popular- slowly. RadBikes most common, with Trek being second.
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    How well did you do in January?

    California had some really fine riding weather. 2 weeks I managed to get 100 miles in. But there’s a lot of crud going around here, so getting sick slowed me down☹️
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    I am a heavier rider who has been happy with the cane creek thudbuster. It’s pricier than the Suntour. Don’t know if it’ll fit your seatpost, but I know they have shivs to help size it.
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    Why not speed limits?

    Also, I can tell you from frequently riding bike trails, that you don’t have to ride fast to be a danger to others. I’d rather deal with the fast rider who obeys traffic rules and handles their bike well, then the clueless one who wanders back and forth slowly and unpredictably. The latest one I...
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    25km/h? 32? 45? 60? What speed do you *actually* want on your e-bike?

    Personally, I’d be a little concerned about approaching those kind of speeds w/o a full face style helmet. Facial reconstruction and dental implants are painful and expensive. I’ve gradually upped my speed over the last year, but I draw the line at 30 mph, (downhill, no traffic) just because I’m...
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    What is your current e-bike, and what do you hope will be your next?

    I have a Raleigh Lore, and I love it. But I’m thinking as I get in better shape that I’d like to supplement it with something built a little more like a road bike or gravel bike. Something lighter. Then again, I’d like to try a little mountain biking, and would like a pure mountain bike. Oh...
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    New Raleigh Tokul iE Owner

    Thank you. I have already had them adjusted, but maybe I’ll play around with them a little more, because I’m still having issues with hand numbness. It’s not as bad as it was, but still there, especially since changing my saddle angle. I really think I need a good bike fitting. I’m starting to...
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    New Raleigh Tokul iE Owner

    Congratulations! It’s a Salsa rack, and was installed by Propel Bicycles when I bought the bike. That’s all I know about it.
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    Cold and wet weather cycling wear

    I buy most of my regular clothes from Costco or Walmart. So I save up to spend money on cycling clothes. Btw, unless you are small and thin, it’s tough to find quality women’s cycling clothes at a decent price. The less expensive stuff tends to be Chinese made, and sized very small. If a woman...
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    Cold and wet weather cycling wear

    These aren’t rain pants but I’ve really loved them for the 45-50 degree weather we occasionally get in Southern California. They have a light, cozy fleece lining
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    I am also in my 60’s with disabilities. I bought an e-bike in February and have ridden it nearly 3000 miles. It’s one of the best decisions I ever made. Don’t wait a year. The only one who will be disappointed is the Grim Reaper.
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    Are eBike bans actually enforced?

    I’ve only occasionally seen any law enforcement patrolling our Pacific Electric Trail. Ebikes are still somewhat unusual in the Inland Empire, and I seriously doubt anyone would know or care about the different classes of ebike.
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    What do people do about tire punctures?

    BTW, the best tubes I’ve used so far are Kenda tubes. Bontrager is a close second. They are thicker and sturdier, and the valves are better made, than some of the cheaper imports.
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    What do people do about tire punctures?

    Just a qualification on these- the only big, major flat I ever got was caused by one of these strips. To be fair, the strip my LBS sold me was too narrow for the tire, and the tube was on the small side. Eventually, the tire strip wrapped around the tube, and boom! (More like pfffft actually)...
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    My Thoughts on Mid Drive..Hub Drive and Throttle

    My Raleigh Lore has an 11-42, and as I live in hilly terrain, I use the bigger gears all the time. I call them “dessert plate” cassettes. If my derailleur can handle replacing the 42 with a 46 when the time comes, I’ll go for it. Just means more I can explore.
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    My Thoughts on Mid Drive..Hub Drive and Throttle

    Maybe so- but I love my mid drive, and would never replace it for a hub drive. And yes, I do a LOT of preventative maintenance. I am an older woman who rides alone often, so I have Velofix on speed dial. But actually the maintenance has had nothing to do with the motor. New chain, new tires...
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    CCX broken down after only one day.

    I think it brings up another interesting point. Consumer Reports, JD Power, and others conduct surveys to determine which brand/model of car has fewest repairs, is best liked by owners, etc.. It would be interesting to do a side by side comparison of customer surveys for Rad, Juiced, Biktrix...
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    E-bike riding instruction and tips

    Yep. What really throws me off is a stop sign or traffic light at the bottom of a steep hill, then it’s level or uphill after. When you’re coasting or pedaling in your highest gear, you don’t think to downshift. It’s enough to make you wish for a throttle
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    Class 1 vs 3

    My everyday bike is a mid drive speed with a Bosch Performance CX motor . I care more about uphill performance than speed. About a month ago I rented an inexpensive hub drive bike to ride along the Coastal Trail in Anchorage. That trail has a few longish, steepish hills. Apples to oranges, I...