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    How many miles do you have on your e-bike with a Brose motor?

    Hi, I know that many (most?) Specialized bikes have Brose drive systems. I have test driven many makes and models of bikes and have an iZip Moda that has a Brose drive system. I also rented a Specialized Turbo Vado in Colorado and went on a 42 mile ride with 2600 feet of elevation change and...
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    How many miles do you have on your Brose system?

    Hi, I have 1200+ miles on my iZip Moda that I bought in November of 2018. I love it so far, but a friend had a failure with his iZip Moda at 900 miles. He thinks the belt is slipping (it only works in low power mode and if he doesn't put a lot of torque in the pedals any more and you hear...
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    Review of Diamondback Lindau with over 3500 miles

    I bought a Diamondback Lindau in November of 2017. I have put over 3500 miles on it since then and I just love it. The battery works just as well as when it was new. I get between 40-50 miles of range on it when on assist level 1. I think that I get good range out of it because I only weigh...