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    Owner experiences - Road ebikes - 40 lbs or less

    I just got my Specialized Creo E5 and will be taking it for the maiden voyage tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it, but also want to hear from owner's of similar bikes and their experiences, likes/dislikes of their bikes. This might be my first road ebike, but it's unlikely to be the last. I'll...
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    Does anyone come to this part of the forum?

    There are more and more lightweight road ebikes now, but there is hardly any traffic in this sub of the forum. Who actually comes here? I participated in a thread quite a while back but so little traffic I haven't been to this part of the forum in months. If you regularly come to this part of...
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    Put down a deposit on a Creo E5

    Went to my LBS and asked about the aluminum Creo since it's now on the Canadian website. They didn't have one in stock, but indicated that a shipment was sent yesterday to them. They will be getting one in each size and he figures they will arrive by Friday. I put down my deposit and will...
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    Trek Domane+ HP

    Trek is really offering quite a lineup of electric bikes. Interesting to see a larger motor and battery. Probably a bigger market there overall.
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    Which bikes/setups show human generated power?

    I think any bike with a torque sensor can show the power numbers the rider is putting in. I wonder which bikes via software actually allow you to access this information. I know the Creo does and I believe Alaskan posted some information about the Nyon he retrofitted to his Bosch motor and that...
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    Court reviewed the Creo

    The Specialized rep referred to the aluminum model that my LBS told me back in August 2019 was coming. It's January now and still no aluminum models, not even anything on the website. When in the world are they coming? I wonder if the carbon models are selling slowly so they're delaying? It is...
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    2020 Trek Domane+ LT Previous version was unavailable in Canada. When the redesigned Domane came out I really liked it and think it's a great bike. Now there's an electric version. Will be...
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    Just heard about this brand, looking forward to seeing what's available from this new company.

    Will be interesting to see what they do, very interested as I'm local.
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    Watt hours per mile - road ebikes

    I'm quite interested in a number of the road ebikes hitting the market. Ones like the Specialized Creo, Orbea Gain, etc ….. these bikes come with smaller batteries. I know they're lighter and generally should be more efficient, but I wonder about the range claims of these bikes. Obviously if...
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    Canadians starting to get a reasonable amount of choices for lightweight electric road bikes

    Orbea has changed their website and the Gain now appears on the Canadian website with pricing. An aluminum Gain with 105 will be $5k. Not a bad price, but that seems a lot more than in the US. I like the Specialized Creo more, but was thinking I'd get the Gain because I thought it would be more...
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    CCS rear wheel - washers

    I got a flat and had to remove the rear wheel. I replaced it and thought all was fine after a test ride, but afterwards I found one of the slotted washers on the floor of my garage. It's one of the wheels that ensures the wheel doesn't spin in the dropouts. Obviously it should go on the bike...
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    Ribble electric bikes

    I thought these bikes were very well priced so I inquired if they could ship to Canada since there is a battery inside the frame and was wondering if it was possible. Also asked if they could sell me one that was restricted to the 32 km/hr. in my country rather than the 25 km/hr. in the UK. The...
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    CCS Display screws - anyone know the size and specs for the threads?

    One of the screws that hold the display on the handlebars has come looses and fallen out. I need a new screw, but I don't know what to get or where to get it. Can anyone assist me here?
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    Cannondale Synapse Neo?

    Does anyone have this bike? I am quite interested in this bike and would love to read a review or an owner's experience with this bike. Actually more of long-term experience, I've read some professional reviews. I'm looking for more than first ride impressions. Anyone?
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    Electric road bikes

    Trek has the Domane+, Cannondale just announced the Synapse Neo, Giant has the Road-E+ Seems like the electric road bike category is starting to see some more options. Would love it if Court reviewed some of these bikes. I love my Juiced, but I don't like the upright position that limits top...
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    Who's excited about this? It is expensive and I'm hoping they'll make an aluminum version that's cheaper, but it is the eroad bike that I've been wanting to be built. 38 lbs...
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    Ambassador program (Canadian)

    Fellow Canadian Juiced owners, did you get the email about being an ambassador? What do you think? In concept I don't mind being an ambassador for the brand. I love the bike, and think it's great value. But I'm not keen on letting strangers come and ride my bike. It's possible someone just...
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    CCS owners who have changed the length of your chain

    How many links are you running in your chain? I have had numerous chain drops but been too lazy to do anything about it. I have reached the 3,000 km point and will be considering replacing the chain soon. I figure when I replace the chain I'll reduce the number of links. According to the specs...
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    How do the motor inhibitors work?

    I have the CCS and I like the bike, but after riding it to work frequently I find I would like better components. The other bike I ride to work is a Cervelo with a Rival groupset and the low end groupset on the CCS, while functional is a bit frustrating after riding the Rival. But if I replace...
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    Brake pads on CCS

    Does anyone know what brake pads are used on the CCS? I know from the description that B01S will work, but the description suggests that the bike comes with a different, longer lasting pad that is the same shape as the B01S, but not actually that pad. I've read on line that the B01S pad wears...