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  1. chriskmee

    Supercommuter+ 8S Recall, Front Fender Bolt, $100 Reward for Bringing Bike In

    FYI to Supercommuter 8 owners, there is a safety recall in place. Luckily it's a quick and easy fix. Full recall notice
  2. chriskmee

    Question about tightening rear wheel

    Hello everyone, quick question regarding my rear wheel skewer tightness. I am used to dealing with quick release levers, so I just want to make sure I am understanding how this system works. Here is what it looks like: So on one end we have a standard hex key with "max 6Nm" on it, and on the...
  3. chriskmee

    What is this thing?

    Hello everyone, When I picked up my super commuter 8 they gave me a box of accessories, containing things like the charger and instruction manuals. It also included this thing, which at first I thought was a spoke wrench, but this is made by Bosch, has threads, each notch seems to be the same...
  4. chriskmee

    Hello from Nevada, supercommuter 8

    I just picked up my supercommuter 8 in the XL frame. I used to work about a 5 minute bike ride from home, but now I work about 10 miles from home. I may be 28 years old, but I'm not a fit person, so a 20 mile round trip, up and down hills, on a regular bike, wasn't really an option. It would...