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    60mi Round Trip Commute - Advice?

    Lee, I just want to help clarify a point for you that I think got misinterpreted. If you buy a Juiced bike for 3k, in a year, that bike would be $1000-1500. Yes, it would be worth 1/3rd to 1/2 half of the original purchase price. If you buy a Reise Mueller for 8k, in a year that bike would...
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    60mi Round Trip Commute - Advice?

    Just to comment on some things after I read what others wrote. Comfort is going to be key. You are going to have to choose if you want more of the weight of the ride on your butt or your arms. That riding position will make a big difference. Also, the faster you go, the more the battery will...
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    60mi Round Trip Commute - Advice?

    A couple of points to consider. The throttle. Much like you, I was adamant about having a throttle. I wanted to get my butt off the line and past the light or stop sign as fast as possible. This was before I had spent any time on an ebike. The reality is that you don't need it for that...
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    Bosch eBike Updates for 2020 - Generation 4 Motors | CX | Cargo | Speed

    Don’t know a better way to say it than this . . . If you are serious about an ebike get in touch with Chris and propel. The level of knowledge and professionalism is incredible. I didn’t buy a bike from them, but my experience with them was so awesome that it left an impression with me. Dave...
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    Would you do this deal?

    Chances are that contractually they have to sell them for $1,000 each. That’s probably part of their ability to rent from rad. So don’t think you can get a better deal from them. The value prop is all up to you.
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    RadCity or Aventon Pace 500

    There is a thread here that I asked a similar question. I asked why the RadCity claims to have a 750w motor when the manufacturer of the motor says it is not. You might want to look at thread :) I test drove a RadCity. It is NOT fast. It is comfortable, but not fast. I was not impressed...
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    Nm Numan Meters --- Perspective Please ?

    By no means am I knowledgable about this subject. From what I am reading though, this reminds of the horsepower ratings of motorcycles. The manufacturers would always say that the bike had X horsepower. That was the horsepower at the crank, not at the rear wheel. The horsepower at the rear...
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    At What Price .......?

    Craig, I can't speak beyond David at E-Glide or Chris at Propel. But I can tell you how they treated me. Test drive with Chris was about 30 minutes long. We, and yes, that is a we, as him and I, went from his store, through downtown, over a bridge, along the water on a bike path and then...
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    At What Price .......?

    Craig, Thanks for the reply. Hopefully, my questions gave you a little more to think about. My agenda is simple: If you find the right bike, you will use it. If not, it will just collect items in your garage. So instead of wasting your money, choose the right one. When I got my bike, an...
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    At What Price .......?

    There is so much to add. Your question is like saying what is the best. It is very generic. Is this bike a weekend bike or a bike you are going to commute daily? If it is a commute, what is the commute like? Do you have a lot of stop start? Do you have to carry things? Do you have weather...
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    How many times have you heard "that's cheating!"? ?

    I actually get this 'cheating' remark a lot. I tend to just laugh. Then they ask what is so funny. I will state, "It's ok to spend 10,000 to get a carbon frame bike to drop the weight from 25lbs to 18lbs and that's not cheating?" Then I just watch their head tilt. It turns into a...
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    Re-Sell Value of RadRover ?

    Who is the person who says they do not mind paying sales tax? I don't see it ANYWHERE in this thead. That is the issue. I am the person who lives in Santa Barbara. I strongly suggest that you actually spend the time and learn about the state and it's source of revenues. Out of the roughly...
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    Re-Sell Value of RadRover ?

    I am quite relaxed. I am actually quite gentle as well. Perhaps it is way too many years studying English throughout college for me. I did not miss read intent or the tone. The writer wrote what the writer wrote. If the writer was not able to portray the tone or intent, that is not the...
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    Re-Sell Value of RadRover ?

    The end LOL was not necessary then if you were trying to 'educate' me. No retailer EVER pays sales tax. Retailers collect sales tax on behalf of the state. So Amazon was not collecting :) There were a few reasons why they were not collecting. Honestly, top of the list was it gave them an...
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    Re-Sell Value of RadRover ?

    So let me reply to the last two posts. @E B Rider - Technically you are wrong and right. You are more wrong though than you are right. A little background about me. I make a living doing ecommerce sites and have to deal with taxing authorities on a daily basis. Sales tax across state lines...
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    Difficult to decide between Trek Supercommuter 7+ and a 2018 Haibike Trekking 9.5.

    Santa Barbara - near Ellings Park. If you went to Goleta, you probably did the ride along the beach at UCSB on the Obern Trail :) My wife takes that trail as her commute as she doesn't like to ride on Hollister. I ride on Hollister.
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    Difficult to decide between Trek Supercommuter 7+ and a 2018 Haibike Trekking 9.5.

    Woo hoo! Another Santa Barbara person :)
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    Bicycles have gotten 'insanely expensive'

    Is this bad but they are literally one street away from where my wife works and a mile from where I work and I had no idea they even existed. Thanks for mentioning them, now I have something to go look at during lunch :)
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    Looking for a new e-bike - need suggestions

    If you are looking for comfort that Trek is VERY comfortable. My wife and I rented one to see if we liked electric bikes. We both felt it was extremely comfortable. The seating position, the seat, the handlebars, the grips. VERY cruiser like. It was not as fast as the EGlide which we got...
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    New buyer, little to no knowledge

    I just wanted to add one more thing. You actually want to be picky. My belief on this is because you are spending YOUR money on an item. If it doesn't do what you want it to do it just becomes a place to hang clothes in your house. So be picky :) Figure out what you want to do so that you...