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  1. Nerkdawg

    Foldable Ebikes with belt drive

    Hi - I am looking for folding Ebikes with a belt drive. I would prefer motor to be at least 500 W. Anyone have any recommendations or experience? Thanks in advance for any information you can provide. I have seen the Evelo, & Pedego with belt drive and motors in the 350W range.
  2. Nerkdawg

    Aurora Mid Drive ordered

    I just ordered an Aurora Mid Drive fully loaded. Evelo has arranged for it to be delivered to a local bike shop for initial assembly/setup. Evelo has been very helpful. I am fairly short (5’7”), about 300 pounds, wanted a step thru, and live in a hilly area. After reading several reviews on...
  3. Nerkdawg

    New Ebiker in Ohio

    I just ordered an Evelo Aurora Mid Drive. It’s been quite a while since I’ve ridden bikes - looking forward to riding again! The reviews and comments on EBR were a great help in selecting my new Ebike.