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  1. Rincon

    Bianchi Debuts e-MTB with Massive Battery

    Bianchi announced a family of three new e-bikes, dubbed E-SUV. Key features include a full carbon frame and rear triangle, integrated front, side, and rear lights, integrated mudguards, and a huge capacity 720 Wh battery. Suspension travel is 150-160mm on all models, and it utilizes the...
  2. Rincon

    Can't Search for N-Lock

    The EBR search engine won't search for the product N-Lock because it doesn't index the letter N, making this product and others unfindable. "The following words were not included in your search because they are too short, too long, or too common: n" Disk storage is nearly infinite. Why make N...
  3. Rincon

    Garmin Announces Bike Alarm GPS Computers

    Garmin just announced two new navigation computers that include bike alarms. The Garmin Edge 830 and Edge 530 units will set off an audible alarm and notify your smart phone if your bike is moved. I think you need to be within Bluetooth range, so this would be for short term/short range stops...
  4. Rincon

    Look Announces e-Gravel Bike

    It is getting busy in e-Gravel and e-Road bikeland. Look has today announced its new Fazua motor-assisted e-gravel bike, the E-765 Gravel, which sits alongside its E-765 Optimum electric road bike, which was launched last week. The full story is over at Cycling Weekly.
  5. Rincon

    Orbea Gain Electric Bike Action Review

    A breezy review of the Orbea Gain is in Electric Bike Action magazine. Enjoy.
  6. Rincon

    Orbea Gain E-Road Bike

    I test rode an Orbea Gain today. I rode both the classic road version and the gravel grinder All Road model. Both were bottom of the line bikes, but with the same motor and battery as the higher level models. They are all disappointingly limited to 20 mph. The local dealer was only allocated...
  7. Rincon

    Ducati Announces e-MTB

    On Sunday 4 November 2018 the Ducati World Première in Milan unveiled the new Ducati e-mtb, the MIG-RR, an enduro born out of close collaboration with the Italian company Thok Ebikes. Follow the link for photos and the press release.
  8. Rincon

    Amtrak Weight Limit for Bikes

    Has anyone taken their e-bike on Amtrak? They have a 50lb weight limit for bikes. My bike could make the limit if I remove the battery, but I wonder if that is necessary. Has anyone found any issues with over-50 lb bikes?
  9. Rincon

    Supernova E3 2 Taillight

    These appear to be plug 'n play lights for the Stromer ST2 as the bolt holes are 50mm apart. The Supernova E3 2 Taillight requires 6V. Does anyone know if the ST2 tail lights get 6V?
  10. Rincon

    How To Remove Stromer License Plate

    I removed the top half of the Stromer ST2 license plate holder, but I can't figure out how to remove the bottom half. Any suggestions?
  11. Rincon

    Stromer ST2 Suspension Shocks

    Hello all! I just bought an ST2 and am enjoying it immensely. I typically ride street and dirt roads. The street ride is smooth with the standard fork, but I'm finding the ST2 pretty harsh on unimproved county roads. I've always ridden mountain bikes with front suspension before the Stromer. I...