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  1. Dmitri

    Looking for Bafang Ultra tuning software

    Hey, can anyone share the tuning software for the Bafang Ultra (G510) drive? I know that Frey gives it to its customers, but I bought my Ultra without the bike. Thanks!
  2. Dmitri

    Can someone explain NuVinci Harmony?

    There was a post here about a sell-off of NuVinci on B-D so I wanted to ask someone who knows some questions about Harmony, specifically, because it seems like an interesting concept but I haven't ridden it, have never met anyone who used it, and even on YouTube information about Harmony is...
  3. Dmitri

    Charging cell phone off ebike in sub-zero temperatures

    So as you probably know, charging in sub-zero temperatures is generally not safe. Which is why my cell phone refuses to charge as soon as temperature drops to below about −3°C. Question: if I really want to charge it and have it on the handlebar, is there some system for doing this? I mean, some...
  4. Dmitri

    What's your dream ebike?

    Just curious, I'm guessing most people here own ebikes they're happy with, so my question is, what's your ideal?
  5. Dmitri

    Jones H-Loop shamelessly copied

    Pretty sure the H-loop is a patented design, so imagine my surprise when I see this: Yep, China. Nothing's sacred. They even improve on the design, notice the bosses on the far side. And yeah, some of you might say "there's tons of H-loop copies on Alibaba" — true, but they are all Ti. This...
  6. Dmitri

    Ebike specific cassettes, anyone?

    Just curious if anyone has been using ebike-specific cassettes such as the SRAM EX1 and what your experience has been. Got interested in this after realizing that not all bikes can be upgraded to Rohloff. Got an 11-speed enduro ebike (2 years old), wouldn't mind a thicker chain and fewer gears...
  7. Dmitri

    Can I replace a Bosch chainring/Miranda bashguard with a Haibike chainring?

    I'm really tired of Miranda bashguards on my Bosch bikes. They are made of thin aluminum and a direct impact just bends it inwards onto the chain. Not good. So I was thinking — Haibike make a proprietary Xduro Sprocket which integrates both the chainring and bashguard. Would I be able to install...
  8. Dmitri

    Fatbike wheel in a 27.5+ fork (experience report)

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to share the results of an experiment I did -- putting a fatbike wheel into a non-fatbike fork of my R&M Delite. As you may or may not know, the choice of forks for fatbikes is really limited: there's basically Manitou Mastodon (the best option), RockShox Bluto (the OEM...
  9. Dmitri

    Cannot find the main drive bearing on 2nd Gen motor

    My 2nd gen motor became noisy and the internets say it's due to a dying main drive bearing. So I bought all the tools and the bearings, removed the crank with the crank puller, then removed the sprocket and... I cannot find the drive bearing to replace. Can someone tell me where the main drive...
  10. Dmitri

    Hello from Russia

    It's about time I wrote here, though I've posted in the forum a lot already. My name's Dmitri, I'm from St.Petersburg (Russia), I have a number of different ebikes (Crescent, R&M, Haibike). I'm very much into tuning and generally rebuilding bikes to my liking. Russia isn't big on ebikes, and...
  11. Dmitri

    What is Haibike/Yamaha chainline?

    I can't find this info, maybe someone will help. I have a Yamaha PW motor with one of those proprietary Haibike sprockets. What is the chainline of this bike? Haibike does not give this spec, it seems. Also, what mechanisms are there for changing chainline of the crank sprocket?
  12. Dmitri

    Fullsize rack on full-suspension bike

    Having been spoiled by R&M Delite which is a dual-sus bike, I was wondering if a similar solution exists out in the wild. I'm not talking about those cheap horizontal racks that attach to the seatpost at one point, but something similar to the Delite, i.e. at least two mount points and a...
  13. Dmitri

    Well this ain't good...

    So apparently Bosch is going to detect speed tuning soon... no action so far, just detection.
  14. Dmitri

    Brakes advice?

    I'm currently thinking of upgrading my brakes and specifically looking at the quad piston ones. I was wondering whether anyone here can give any advice or experiences as to the kind of brakes that you've used as you upgraded your bikes. So far, I have experience with Magura MT2, MT5, Deore...
  15. Dmitri

    Magura MT5e retrofit

    Can someone describe the process for retrofitting the MT5e ebike-specific Magura brakes onto on existing bike that has a rear light without any electronic integration? I'm also curious to hear from current users of Magura's ebike brakes as to whether this is actually worth the effort, i.e., does...
  16. Dmitri

    Has Bosch battery protocol been reversed yet?

    Thanks to some clever people on the German Peledelcforum, the comm protocol for the Yamaha battery has been reversed, letting people build their own high-capacity batteries. I'm wondering - has anyone done the same for Bosch?
  17. Dmitri

    Best option right now? [Haibike FullFatSix]

    At the time of writing (2018), what's the best option for buying/making a fatbike? At the moment, I'm prepared to consider the following: Haibike FullFat (yes I want dual-sus). The only thing that annoys me is the lack of dual battery, which for a fatbike seems to be an absolute must. Luna...
  18. Dmitri

    Do pedelec-specific forks matter?

    I don't have any experience with pedelec-specific forks, so I wanted to ask the community's advice. Main reason I'm asking is that pedelec-specific forks are, ahem, ridiculously cheap. I mean, you can get like a pedelec Fox 32 performance for peanuts. On the other hand, a top Fox 34...
  19. Dmitri

    My review of Haibike SDURO HardFour 4.0

    Recorded a video on Haibike HardFour, one of the few kids' ebikes out there. With some upgrades (as always)!
  20. Dmitri

    My Review of the Riese & Müller Delite GX Rohloff

    Hi everyone! I made a video review of my Delite bike halfway through all the planned upgrades. Here it is. Comments welcome!