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  1. Alaskan

    2nd Ebike Anniversary

    Two years ago, today, my first ebike arrived on my doorstep. I had no idea just how significantly and how positively my life would change. As you youngster, my bike was my freedom machine. It expanded my world. It gave me the impetus to begin the process of building a map of the world inside...
  2. Alaskan

    Schwalbe's New for 2020 Hurricane Tires - A Review

    I recently installed Schwalbe's latest hybrid tire, the Hurricane on my Riese & Muller Homage, replacing the Rock Razors that came on the bike and the Super Moto X that I replaced those with. I installed the 27.5 x 2.4 Double Defense Raceguard with reflective sidewall stripes. I inflated the...
  3. Alaskan

    Your allies could be rallyed

    Court. It seems that the pace of reviews on EBR has slowed and that most of them are not from major, established bike makers lately. I know that I am not alone in wanting to see more reviews of quality bikes and also want to be sure this forum stays alive and thrives. If you come up with a...
  4. Alaskan

    Subaru integrated bike rack concept - plus Subaru ebikes?

    What a fabulous, integrated car rack concept! Just pull out the rear bumper and load up. Nice looking full suspension bikes too.
  5. Alaskan

    2019 Year End Totals

    Sunday was the final ride for 2019. Rainy and windy now and for the next week. Went for a ride with three of my roady buds, the fastest of the bunch. We rode tight and traded off the lead, drafting for speed and going a good distance as well, 62 miles. It is official 7,213 miles this past year...
  6. Alaskan

    New Favorite Tire - Schwalbe Hurricane

    Schwalbe has come out with a new tire for 2020, the Hurricane. I have been riding on a pair for two weeks now. In the main, middle tread, the tire has ridges of micro knobs, similar to those found on skinny gravel tires, with a center strip of fine ridges. There are aggressive, bulky knobs at...
  7. Alaskan

    Back into the light

    As we emerge from the dark days of the solstice, may we all strive to be sources of light. Wishing all my EBR Forum friends and their families health, happiness and peace in the coming year.
  8. Alaskan

    Instant Karma

  9. Alaskan

    ALERT from Hexlox re design flaw in some front through axles

    Anyone using Hexlox security axle on their fork should pay close attention. I just received an email from Hexlox regarding a potential design flaw in their after-market security axles. This effects my wife's Homage with Suntour fork and Novatec hub. Here is the text of their notice: This is a...
  10. Alaskan

    Benefits of Ebikes - Outside magazine article
  11. Alaskan

    Speed Dongle Detectopm

    I have a Bikespeed Rs on a Bosch CX equipped ebike. I have been reading about various rumors regarding dongle detection and possible bricking of bikes if a dongle is detected. I wrote to Bikespeed to inquire as to what the status is. Their answer pertains to my bikes which are 2019 or...
  12. Alaskan

    Redwood Rail Bikes

    Ride through a redwood forest on a two seat rail bike
  13. Alaskan

    Riding Clothes - In Praise of Clown Suits

    People poke fun at roadies with their "clown suits" I ride three time a week with groups of roadies and have realized that there is a method to their madness besides the great convenience of the three pockets on the back. I've been collecting garish, fun and very visible vintage bike jerseys on...
  14. Alaskan

    Riese and Muller’s Sustainability Initiative

    Often featured the very high quality, German-designed, Riese & Muller e-bikes have committed to a sustainability initiative . It’s not just their final product they want to be sustainable however, they want to extend the sustainability ethos to the whole of their production line and the running...
  15. Alaskan

    Dual Battery Homage rattles

    Has anyone else with a Homage with dual batteries had issues with rattles coming from the battery and cover over rough road surface? I find it irritating for such an otherwise smooth riding bike, listening to rattles and clatters going over bumps and ruts. I have had to resort to a black...
  16. Alaskan

    Fantastic ad sums it up nicely

  17. Alaskan

    Study: eBikers Get More Exercise than Traditional Cyclists & Use Cars Less
  18. Alaskan

    An Inspiring Story

    This personal story of how an ebike can keep someone going after a health crisis is from Pete Prebus Electric Bike Report.