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  1. Afren

    How well did you do in January?

    Both Nov and Dec I hardly cycled not because of the cold weather but because I was away and no access to any bikes. January I only managed eight rides due to the awful weather we've been having here in Europe.
  2. Afren

    October cycling photos

    Photo of the English Channel on a cold but sunny day and photo of a flooded field in the south of England.
  3. Afren

    How active were you in October?

    For me, it was the worst month in over 36 months of e-Bike ownership. Here are the excuses in no particular order; absolutely dreadful but typical British weather in October, suffering from flu or something just as dreadful (not sure whether flu or not as couldn't get appointment to see GP...
  4. Afren

    How Active were you in September?

    A rather lazy month for me due to a variety of reasons, namely, travelling. I'm afraid October has started badly too due to an annoying cold and constant rain. :(
  5. Afren

    Everything is out to kill us

    As cyclists, we face many dangers when out for a ride chief amongst which are other road users. Now, we can add birds to the list of cyclist killers:- An Australian man has died in a bicycle crash while trying to escape from a swooping magpie. The 76-year-old cyclist suffered head injuries on...
  6. Afren

    Your age group

    A couple of weeks back, I asked what age group e-bike riders on this forum belong to and there were many responses A well-known member then suggested to me to put the question in poll form. I thought...
  7. Afren

    Supercharger 2

  8. Afren

    How active were you in August?

    I've bored all friends and acquaintances to tears about how enjoyable e-biking is and this August was my most active and enjoyable month.
  9. Afren

    Am I particularly unlucky?

    I ask this question because during the first 10,000 miles on my e-bike I had to replace almost every item on my e-bike apart from the frame. I've had to replace the Brose T motor twice, went through 3 sets of tires, multiple brake pads, three sets of crank arms, replaced saddle and pedals...
  10. Afren

    The one car I prefer to my ebike

  11. Afren

    Who's the oldest and youngest rider here?

    I start it off. I'm 60 in a few months time and been biking since the age of 8 and ebiking for the last 4 years.
  12. Afren

    Correlation between speed and death

    The number of super-fast electric bikes in the Netherlands has soared 60% in the past two years to 17,200, according to new figures from national statistics agency CBS. The bikes, which can travel at up to 45 kph, are particularly popular with the over-55s and the province of Utrecht has the...
  13. Afren

    Ebike is new status symbol
  14. Afren

    Rear Sprocket

    Hi. I recently replaced the rear sprocket on my Bulls Sturmvogel E Evo 2016 model ( which is equipped with a Shimano Nexus 8 speed Internal Gear Hub. In doing so, I may have replaced it with one with different number of tooth resulting in a...
  15. Afren

    Ground Clearance

    Love my Supercharger GX especially the Bosch Performance CX motor, its twin batteries and the looks but don't care much for its lack of ground clearance.