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  1. jazz

    Bicycling Magazine Reveals It's Top E bike Picks For 2020

    Geez didn't do much homework if that is the best.
  2. jazz

    Polaris vector shop manual

    not much today but I did play bass in a quartet many eons ago
  3. jazz

    Polaris vector shop manual

    I am in Washington State. I also have a Polaris Terrain (and several other ebikes)
  4. jazz

    Polaris vector shop manual

    I also have a Vector, it was my first ebike many years ago. Now I have several. Still have my Vector and it works but never really ride it.
  5. jazz

    Polaris vector shop manual

    Here is the shop manual for the vector
  6. jazz

    Polaris vector shop manual
  7. jazz

    Luna Belt Drive BABE

    Blade 2.0 certainly looks like the Luna but spec wise the Blade is definitely better all around but then again it is $2000 more in price. I also think the 2.0 looks better also but for the money, it really comes down to what you want in a bike. For me, the Luna would be enough and I like the...
  8. jazz

    Luna Belt Drive BABE

    Yea I thoug Yea I thought the same thing. No website anymore, no facebook page anymore, sounds like they are DOA.
  9. jazz

    How Safe and Practical is the Used E-Bike Market :

    I think the biggest part of it after assuring the bike components are in good condition is battery health - how old it was, how it was charged, stored which can be difficult to know etc., since that will be your biggest cost if you have to replace it soon. I bought a demo (last year's) BH ebike...
  10. jazz

    PIM Power in Motion Bicycle

    Yes I can vouch for him, good work, fair price and honest.
  11. jazz

    PIM Power in Motion Bicycle

    Pim batteries can be rebuilt. Look up Nethers Batteries on FB. They have rebuilt Polaris and PIM batteries and even up'd the aH in same
  12. jazz

    Bolton e bike Mid drive 1000 watt fat tire bike

    Wow didn't know Michael Bolton was in the ebike game!
  13. jazz

    Don't charge your bike battery above 80% and don't ride below 20%. Maybe, maybe not.

    Just stored my 2 electric motorcycles for the winter. Both around 60%. My newest one is a few years old and still has maximum voltage. My old one, which is a 2010 model, has less than 10% loss in almost 10 years. During riding season, I charge up to 100% if I am going to use it right away...
  14. jazz

    FEWER flat tires please!

    Goatheads are my favs
  15. jazz

    New Special Edition Sondors Fold X and Fat X - Limited to 100

    Previous Sondors could be made to go over 20mph with a different controller and display. The fastest I got mine was 26mph
  16. jazz

    surface 604,no parts

    Wouldn't buy Surface604 right now
  17. jazz

    Trump Tariffs: +25% all China bikes and Components to USA. Market disruption for sure

    I am all for it if it aids towards the prevention of U.S. intellectual property theft. 1 in 5 U.S. companies say that China has stolen their IP in the past year.
  18. jazz


    You see them listed on Craigslist all over the place. I don't have experience with them but it looks like a generic fat bike imported and rebranded like many others. The real question is how good their support is if you decide to go this way