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    Handlebars: Back sweep angle?

    Jones H-bar. 45 degree sweep. As @Asher and others have noted, a 45-degree sweep places your wrists, hands, and elbows in the most natural position.
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    How do you get onto your high-step mid-motor e-bikes?

    I do it the forbidden way all the time. I've been mounting that way for 65 years. My Yamaha motor provides full torque the moment you press lightly on the pedals, so I restrain my horse by pulling on the brakes. The trick is to release the brakes just as you are swinging your leg over the back...
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    Anyone Using Full Suspension EMTB as Their Only Bike ?

    Old Man Mountain was purchased by The Robert Axle Project a few months ago. Not sure if Channing Hammond (the founder of OMM) is still involved. The Robert Axle project provides the longer axles necessary for OMM racks to clamp onto and provide a very secure support. The OMM Sherpa rack was the...
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    Anyone Using Full Suspension EMTB as Their Only Bike ?

    I ride a 2016 Haibike Sduro Full Seven AllMtn Plus and I rarely ride my three conventional bikes. (In 2016 Haibike's naming convention translated thus: Sduro=Yamaha motor; Full=full suspension; Seven=27.5-inch wheels; AllMtn=mountain bike; Plus=3-inch wide tires.) I have about 8,700 miles on it...
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    Touring with the pannier weight on a front or rear rack?

    @Mr. Coffee is right in pointing out that it is hard to find sturdy racks and panniers that work well with full suspension bikes and wide tires (i.e. more than 2 inches wide). The best sturdy racks use the axle as the main point of support, and this usually requires replacing the axle with a...
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    Help selecting comfort handlebars for eMTB - BH Rebel Lynx PWX

    Stem raisers or spacers. Obviously, the steering tube (which fits inside the stem) has to be long enough, which was the case.
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    Help selecting comfort handlebars for eMTB - BH Rebel Lynx PWX

    I have the Jones H-bar with 2.5-inch rise and Ergon grips with palm rests. It's a great combination. I did not have to get new cables or wire harness even while using stem spacers with the Jones H-bar, they were long enough. You should verify that the bike you want to buy has long-enough cables...
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    Rate the Stems (or grips and handlebars) - suspension and adjustable

    I agree that the Jones H-Bars are da bomb! I use the Jones H-Bar with 2.5-inch rise. Together with a couple of stem spacers it allows me to ride comfortably upright. The 45-degree sweep places your wrists in a more natural and comfortable position than a flat bar, and the Jones H-Bar allows for...
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    Picky Bike Advice Please

    I bought the Jones H-bar direct; the Haibike from a local dealer.
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    Picky Bike Advice Please

    I ride a 2016 Haibike Allmtn Plus with full suspension (Yamaha motor and 3-inch tires). I ride upright by raising the handlebar with spacers. I also replaced the handlebar with a Jones H-bar with 2.5-inch rise. The Jones H-bar sweeps back at 45 degrees, aiding in riding upright and positioning...
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    Haibike yamaha display error

    Attached is the Yamaha PW service manual. On page 2-39 it says in reference to Er 15, "Replace the display unit assembly." Since you've already done that, perhaps it is incorrectly installed. Have you tried contacting your dealer or the Haibike distributor?
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    Which E-Bike has this one best feature ? "Dirt bike"

    I agree with @rich c. I ride a 2016 Haibike SDURO Full Seven Plus. It has a Yamaha motor, full suspension, 27.5 inch wheels, and plus-sized tires (3-inch). It checks all your requirements except I don't hose it off. I give it a sponge bath. I don't want to risk messing up the electronics. Other...
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    Does suspension make street riding safer???

    I agree. The assumption is that you get a good suspension, not a bad one. You should get a good electric bike period.
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    Does suspension make street riding safer???

    To the extent that suspension helps keep your wheels in contact with the ground, that is definitely a safety factor. After all, you cannot control your bike with your wheels in the air. And to the extent that comfort reduces fatigue, that would also be a safety factor. Many accidents are caused...
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    [Tip] Yamaha PW - How to check the number of cycles & absolute battery capacity

    Congratulations, that is an impressive amount of riding, specially doing it mainly on weekends! And it's great to know that the battery is holding up very well after so many cycles. But, how do you do it? If you mostly ride on weekends, do you ride before daybreak for your first shift, charge...
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    What's the Best Electric Bike, or at Least Your Favorite!

    I also thank Court for creating and maintaining this very informative website! If I don't count an ebike conversion kit from LEED, I have owned two ebikes. The LEED kit did not fit any of my three conventional bikes, but it was impossible to tell until I received the kit. LEED gave me a credit...
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    Class 1 vs 3

    The BikespeedRS has no effect on battery life so far as I can tell. I got identical range before and after.
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    Class 1 vs 3

    Bikespeed is in Germany and they list their prices in Euros. Click on the "Shop" tab and follow the prompts to select the appropriate model for your bike to see prices and shipping cost. You pay via Paypal. Their email address is
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    Class 1 vs 3

    Get a BikespeedRS dongle to unlock the speed restriction. It works very well and preserves all the display info correctly, except for maximum speed attained (it displays an overly optimistic 55 mph!). However, it will probably void your warranty. I got mine when the warranty was about to expire...