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    Why aren't there any reviews on ZEV electric bicyles?

    I have been considering purchasing a ZEV harpie or a ZEV valkrie electric bicycle and though have not seen any reviews from EBR on ZEV. It appears that ZEV bikes are comparable to Stromer ST2 only MUCH cheaper (about half the price or less to be exact). Would you consider doing a review on a...
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    What are your suggestions for winter cycling peace of mind?

    Any additional suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thank you!
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    Quick release latch issue

    Has anyone experienced an issue with the quick release latch on the ejoe epik se 2015 frame? After 2 rides, the medal clamp does not lock. The plastic locking mechanism secures the clamp slightly, though I am afraid that that plastic does not appear very durable and may not hold the clamp...