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  1. vincent

    my impressions of the radius tour

    bought one of these a while back and have finally gotten a few rides in on it have to say I am impressed, am running my tires at 35psi and with the body float it is a really smooth stable ride for a 20 inch bike that being said I am using it only for pretty good paved bike paths and a little...
  2. vincent

    Ultra bikes pas

    Could someone tell me which model display biktrix ultra uses and how many levels of pas are set up/whether you can change them thank you
  3. vincent

    biktrix ultra in az?

    I am wanting to compare my watt wagon programming to a biktrix ultra if anyone has one in az somewhere and I could meet you over the next couple of weeks just read a few of your threads on here and sounds like similar complaints to mine the clunking etc but would like to ride one so we could...
  4. vincent

    found a new bike store in Tucson, Az today- Campfire Cycling- awesome

    there is a new store in Tucson, right off the Interstate-10 and super easy to get to the store is very close to the Loop - the huge paved bike trail we have here, not sure how easy it would be to cross 10 there and get to it but I will ride it in a couple of weeks and update this on whether...
  5. vincent

    Ortlieb Ultimate 6 handlebar bag mount does not work around some displays

    just wanted to pass this info on got the high vis Ortlieb handlebar bag, the mounting kit that comes with it will not fit my haibike, bagibike or wattwagon they do make an e-bike mount to accommodate the displays and I am ordering one tonite, will update on how it does when it gets here
  6. vincent

    safety on bikes-lights/reflective vests etc

    have posted a similar thread a few years ago but wish more bicyclists would use multiple lights, different colored lights , reflective vests, BRIGHT colors I am COMPLETELY paranoid about having a car hit me or my friends while riding and am amazed at the idiots riding dark bikes in dark clothes...
  7. vincent

    Ortlieb handlebar bag on yamaha?

    Just bought a radius tour with the yamaha , does anyone know if the ortlieb handlebar bags fit around the yamaha display with either the regular mount or the ebike mount? not near my other haibike yamaha for a couple of days so cannot measure
  8. vincent

    Feedback on electric folders

    am looking to buy an electric folder to keep on the car rack full time and use for those days i have an extra hour after work 10-20 mile rides my preferred bike would have 350 watt mid motor or bigger hydraulic brakes front suspension belt drive throttle and pas weight 50lbs or less...
  9. vincent

    interested in this quest max folder, questions

    wondering if anyone has ridden this vs the tern vektron and how they compare stability wise/ride wise the max folder checks more boxes than any other folder I am looking at, but wish I could add a suspension fork and hydraulic brakes any feedback on either quest model would be appreciated
  10. vincent

    vektron with the bafang m400

    anyone have the bafang motor and can post some feedback? chris would love to hear your thoughts on this is the battery replacement/second battery cheaper than the Bosch? also a weird question I am looking at the D7i and for some strange reason the specs listed for that bafang m400 do not list...
  11. vincent

    Experience with these eBay air forks?

    wanted to put an air fork on my bagibike and the shop cannot source one, the only ones they found to fit are these brands on eBay if anyone has any feedback on thes/the quality that would be great LUTU CELT BOLANY
  12. vincent

    Bagibike B26 fat review- cadence sensing done right

    I am very pleased with this bike 500 watt bafang hub motor- not sure on peak 13 AH retention style battery hydraulic brakes comes with rear rack and fenders- no rattling on fenders issues with them 3 inch tires it rides VERY solid and smooth, even on washboard type dirt roads, one of my best...
  13. vincent

    Feedback on quality of the racks and fenders in the touring models

    Was looking at the rack for the roadster and not loving the shape Anyone with these bikes have any feedback on the quality of the accessory stuff
  14. vincent

    questions for step thru owners

    i am interested in buying a step thru when the 2020 are released but as of right now does anyone know if the rear frame on that bike is as wide as the roadster/trail bike? doubt they will change the frames any but who knows, wider would be great am wanting to put at least 2.3 knobby tires on...
  15. vincent

    Trail Suspension fork coil or air?

    Could someone with an FLX trail please tell me if the suspension fork is coil or air ? Thank you
  16. vincent

    Picture of trail fork tire clearance

    I have a roadster and I’m going to put a suspension fork and bigger tires on it Couple of questions Could someone with the trail please take some front pictures of the fork so I can see how much clearance it has around a 2.1 tire Hoping I may be able to go a little bit bigger Has...
  17. vincent

    Plastic or rubber seat tube plug for hauling on the bike rack?

    Does anybody make something you can clamp into the seat tube to keep rain out of there when you are hauling on the back of the car? I have expensive body floats and take my seat off whenever I’m hauling but I was under the impression it’s bad to get rain down in the frame Have done some...
  18. vincent

    FLX. M600 motor steel gears?

    Does anybody know if these motors come with the steel gears in the bafang m600 ?
  19. vincent

    Curious on battery mileage on some of these bafang ultra bikes

    How are you guys doing mileage wise and what assist levels do you usually run Thanks
  20. vincent

    Saw lots of ebikes the past few days and a jerk on an A2B

    A couple of what looked like juiced scramblers in flagstaff Radwagon in flagstaff 2 sondors on the peavine trail in prescott today, those people said they bought the sondors with the first crowdfunding that was out and they are still going strong, pretty cool Then coming back on the peavine...