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    Vampire Drain

    I left my bike in a heated garage for a week while on vacation and power went from approx 60% to 35%. Is that typical? I recall before I was upgraded to new Omni, the bike seemed to hold the charge without any significant lower loss when I didn't use for a week. 2017 ST2S. Thanks.
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    WANTED: Luna Apollo

    Low Mileage. Thanks.
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    I want to go (slightly) faster than 28 mph

    Have a class 3 ebike which I am satisfied with. But I want to go faster on my commute. I average 20 mph, but occasionally I get tapped out at 28 mph, and am wondering what is available on the market at top speeds in excess of 28 mph so I can average higher than 20 mph. Truth be told, I would...
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    Anyone Ever Crunch a Squirrel?

    I ride a narrow paved path in the woods chock-full of squirrels. The path is down hill, so travelling 28 mph. I've had a number of close calls with these cute rodents, and I feel a collision is inevitable. So my question is am I going down , or will my 300 lb bike (with me on it) feel a big...
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    2019 Rear Racks

    Hi, I have 2017 Stromer ST2 S. I currently have no rear rack on the bike. I understand the Stromer Rack is quite narrow. Ideally I would like a rack that can support a pannier (or other bag) that could hold the Stromer battery. I would just use the bag for daily commuting. What do you...
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    Inexpensive Charger - ST2 S

    Hi. I would like have a charger for home and work. I see that buying an extra charger from Stromer is extremely expensive. Anyone aware of a reasonably priced charger that will work with a Stromer? Thanks.
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    Stromer and REI

    I see that REI sells Stromers. Does anyone know if REI is certified to repair Stromers, and/or has anyone had a good/bad experience having a Stromer bike serviced at REI? I expect general advice is to go to local bike shop, but REI very close and convenient and will save me from hours of...
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    SOLD: 2019 Riese & Muller Supercharger GX Rohloff $5,750

    Purchased in March earlier this year, 937 miles. Great condition, rides great. I upgraded to platform pedals and will throw in two Ortlieb pannier bags (see pictures) and an additional charger. I'm selling b/c I'm not using as much as I anticipated. Strongly prefer to sell locally in tri state...