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    RipCurrent S Display Settings ( New Bike )

    Hello Group. I received my new Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S yesterday Tuesday.Great bike Great color I got the Brushed Aluminum. I put the handles bars on and the front tire. The rear tire came flat which is normal I’ve read and I can’t test ride it yet until my new pump arrives from amazon. My...
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    Changing the Rim Valve on a Ripcurrent S

    Can the Rim Valve Stem be changed from Schrader to Presta on the Ripcurrent S ? If it can what size Presta valve will work best. I’m changing over to tubeless so I’m liking the pesta Valve better. Thanks
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    Help with going Tubeless on the Ripcurrent S

    Does anyone have suggestions to make the process go smoothly for going tubeless on the RCS and any links to the videos will help. I’ve seen some videos but not on the Fat tire rim type that come on the RCS. I’ve seen where people have many problems getting the tire to seat without leaking. Also...
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    CrossCurrent S2 Tires and Tube Size

    Hello and Happy and safe Labor Day weekend. My question is about the CCS2. What is the Widest tire size that will fit on the stock CCS2 rim with adequate room between the forks ( front and rear ) ? Also what tube size would be needed with the wider tire ? Please leave a link to the tires and...
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    Ripcurrent S availability

    Does anyone have knowledge when the Ripcurrent S in Brushed Aluminum X/Large will be available. I received a instock notification the day it was supposed to have been in stock I went to the site immediately to buy it but was not available, this was the first or second day in August. Now the...
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    RipCurrent vs. RipCurrent S

    Hello, Can someone elaborate on the difference between the RipCurrent and the RipCurrent S besides the one has the fenders, rack and larger amp battery. Is there mechanically different or is it just the battery size ? Thanks
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    SONDORS Fold X and SONDORS X Chainring Crank Set Info Help

    Hello Fellow SONDORS owners, What is the largest Chainring/Crank Set that will fit onto a Fold X and also one that will fit on the X Fattie? Link to the product if you know. Thanks
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    CrossCurrent S hydraulic Brake Bleed Kit

    Hi, I need to know what Bleed kit will work on the hydraulic brakes on a CrossCurrent s. A kit that contains all the necessary parts and can be used more than once. Please supply a product link if you can. Thanks
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    What did you pay for your Juiced HyperFat 1000

    Hello Members. To the owners of the HyperFat, I’m trying to get some dollar amounts on what you paid for your HyperFat and include your options from the factory not the add ons after you receive the bike. I asked Juiced for a price with a few factory upgrades from the factory as they list but...
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    HyperFat 1000 - Question to Owners

    Full disclosure, I currently own a Juiced Bikes CCS so I’m not bashing the company, I just wish that they would step up the supply. Hello, I am interested in the HyperFat and my question is to the current buyers/owners of the HyperFat. When did you order the HyperFat and was your order from the...
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    Juiced Bikes HyperFat HF1000 Next Shipment?

    Hi, Any know when the next shipment of HyperFat 1000 E Bikes will be available? Also on the HyperFat the suspension isn’t really a true Air fork suspension is it? It’s just a fancy use of words but the fork is actually a Spring loaded fork! I’m I right? If I’m wrong I apologize. Thanks
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    Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent S Aftermarket Rack Help

    Hello, I’m not happy with the rack that came on the CCS , it’s to small and no rear support tube on the rear of the rack so I am looking at other racks that will fit the CCS. I need your help because there’s only one mounting hole in the CCS and it’s high up on the frame. I would like some fee...
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    Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent S Battery Information

    Hello, Can someone tell me the name of the battery packs that Juiced Bikes uses on the CCS bike and maybe a web link to the site that has all the information on these batteries . I got my new CCS last week with the 48V 12.8ah Battery. Thanks
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    Charging Adapter for the CCS

    Hi, Is this the adapter I need to get to charge my CrossCurrent S 12.8ah Battery with the Satiator Charger. XLR to DC Barrel Plug (5.5x2.5mm) Adapter with TRS Cable for Connecting Satiator to PC Thanks
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    Juiced Bikes CCS Battery Installation Help!

    Hello, I have a New CCS and I can not get the battery to install. Yes I have watched the videos on how to install the battery. I don’t think the pins on the frame are lining up with the holes in the battery that are suppose to slide in! I’m not sure of that but if I force the battery I will...
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    Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent S Fender Help

    Hello to everyone I’m new to the forum. I just received my new CCS and I am having a heck of a time trying to get the front fender on straight without rubbing the tire. Anyone have any tips or tricks to get the fender straight ? On the one side the plastic piece that snaps onto the fender is...