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    Juiced Bikes Electric Skateboards

    These just popped up on the website out of nowhere.
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    Cross Current S LCD Display + Controller Upgrade for original Cross Current

    I got the Cross Current S controller and LCD display installed on my 2 1/2 year old Cross Current. Bike is a real beast with ~50% more peak power (13 to 20 amps peak). It’s so much easier to cruise at 28mph now. I have a 17.4aH battery but I’ve been using my 10.4aH battery lately and burned...
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    Trek Super Commuter

    Saw this on reddit.
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    Juiced Bikes 2017 Update

    Latest update from the Canadian Juiced Bikes blog. I got to ride an Ocean Current prototype at a local e-bike expo and was really impressed. The bike is super comfortable and the mechanical discs were much better than I thought they would be. Juiced is also coming out with a true step-thru...