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  1. Asher

    Why not use 26" wheels for Plus Tires? (Commuter E-bikes)

    I've noticed a lot of the newer commuter or urban e-bikes are using 2.2"+ tires a smart move that many riders had already done themselves. Schwalbe's Moto tires are particularly popular. Ride1Up 700 and Aventon Level are two examples. But why not use a smaller wheel, so that the overall tire +...
  2. Asher

    Are there instances of e-bike road riders getting punished for exceeding legal *power* limits of 750 W (US)

    Let's forget about ebikes going over 28 mph. Are there any recorded instances of e-bikers on roads (or off street bike paths) getting fined or otherwise penalized for either using more than 750w or simply riding an e-bike capable of more? I feel the speed limit is more or less reasonable, but...
  3. Asher

    With Scorpions Almost Ready... What Will Tora Work On Next?

    Despite what the ebike hype says, I don't think ebikes are changing that dramatically over time, and the possibilities in the short term (within 2 years) are pretty limited. So what do you think Tora will do next? I would bet on something moped-like. Tora has never done a mid-drive bike and...
  4. Asher

    Why do so few brands offer 52V (volt) batteries?

    I was looking at the list of bikes here with Bafang Ultra, and was surprised at how many were still 48V. You figure especially for a performance ebike, it would be more common. What is the...
  5. Asher

    Future Bike Model Proposal: Roadster 800

    Ride1Up caught my attention with its value and finish. Instead of having just an inferior and superior bike, 500 and 700, I'd like to see a revived, upscale roadster model, as a more lithe alternative to the 700: *Rigid fork *Wide but light tire (like Conti Speed King, ~500 g), potentially...
  6. Asher

    The Fastest Wide, Tubeless 27.5" Tire Has Been Discontinued. Alternatives?

    Schwalbe's G-One Speed in 27.5", 60 mm (11600973), that is. Does anyone have good, light alternatives? This one was ~500g, everything else Schwalbe offers is heavier and more frictive. My ideal bike would have these in 26", but Schwalbe never made that. I'm surprised Schwalbe discontinued these...
  7. Asher

    Who is Making These 'Open-Mold' Generic Non-proprietary e-bike Frames?

    I noticed the QuietKat/Jeep branded e-bike has nearly the same frame as the Ride1Up 700. Of course, the Ride1Up is front suspension only, the Jeep full suspension; the former is a hub motor and the latter a mid-drive. But otherwise they appear to be from the same maker. Who? Are these frames...
  8. Asher

    New Commuter Ebike From Ride1Up... Dethrones Juiced CCS/X for Best Value?

    EBR just reviewed the 700 Series e-bike from Ride1Up. I'd never heard of them before. In a number of ways, I feel like this is the bike the CCS should be, but Juiced stopped tweaking the CCS beyond moving to 52V. Pros/Advantages: *$1000 less than a CCX! $430 for a replacement battery vs $700...
  9. Asher

    Raleigh Redux *Non-Electric* Thread

    Since I am already a poster at EBR and this is the only dedicated Raleigh forum I could find on the internet... Anyone here own a non-electric Redux as well? Bought one on the spec and parts, and pretty satisfied so far. Have to fix some issues but really think this style of bike should...
  10. Asher

    CCS and Rip Current going out of production without replacements CONFIRMED

    According to multiple Reddit users. Sold out in all but size Medium It's really too bad that Juiced keeps cutting it's lower priced models, especially when there's little in the way of alternatives I guess we can't expect otherwise. Perhaps the non premium commuter segment was too small?
  11. Asher

    Are Juiced and Stromer the only ones making high powered commuter ebikes?

    Despite the abundance of ebike brands, it's hard to find Class 3, 750+ W commuter models. Why are brands so uninterested in this type? Radpower has a city model that's 750 W but still only Class 2, for example. Then there are Bosch mid drives that are only 350 W. There are a couple fatbike...
  12. Asher

    NEW Juiced Models: Rip Current, and Cross Current X; Tariff Pricing Announced

    New budget Rip Current: New RCS: And they also seemed to have cribbed their comment on tarriffs from RadPower lol: Juiced: By manufacturing our bikes in China it allows us to achieve our goals of...
  13. Asher

    New Juiced Hyper Fat: HF1100 40 mph, Sept 2018 $3,299 Pre-Order

    August 9th, 2018: Forget about everything you know about or think you know about e-bikes. The HF1100 is the fat-tire e-bike platform taken to the extreme. Experience the near-limitless feeling of a 1,800 W peak geared hub motor paired with the magical feeling of proportional torque-sensing...
  14. Asher

    Buy, Sell, Trade Juiced Bikes & Parts

    I wanted to sell my Juiced bike, and I know this forum gets way more activity than the classified forum, plus some people may not bother to look there but would buy or sell a Juiced part for the right opportunity. Proposed Rules: 1. Fill out the template. 2. Don't lie. 3. You can bump the...
  15. Asher

    Tora Harris, Founder: Juiced is Developing a Folding Bike
  16. Asher

    How To Ship Your Own Battery By Ground (Continental North America)?

    I am moving across the continent, and am mulling shipping my ebike (vs selling it). I can figure out how to ship the bike. The battery, however... How should I do this? I haven't found any straightforward resources. The most promising solution so far seems to be peer to peer shipping service...
  17. Asher

    The +$300 19.2 AH 48V Battery Has Been Replaced by the +$600 19.2 AH 52V Battery for CCS, RCS

    The price doesn't seem commensurate with the actual cost, and presumably does not include the GPS or the Satiator (advanced battery charger). 48V: $0.98 per watt hour 52V: $1.21 per watt hour, +23% When I saw the Scrambler being 52V only, I figured going 52V across the board would happen...
  18. Asher

    How Fast Can You Go Without Assist?

    I went biking on a crowded path today, so I put the speed limit to the legal, class 1/2 limit of 15 mph. To my surprise, I could maintain a 19-20 mph pace without power, on flats. Possibly faster, since there seemed to be a bit of headwind. How fast can you go, at a steady clip? Not sprinting...
  19. Asher

    Why Juiced Should Consider Making a "Moped"

    In most US states, a moped is: *a bicycle *with a motor less than 2 brake horsepower (less than 4 hp in California) i.e. 1,500 Watts *that may require a motorcycle license, insurance, or registration *is limited to 30 mph California, Juiced's home state, allows 3k watts, and you only have to...
  20. Asher

    Guidelines for Safe Motor Temperature?

    So there's a temperature gauge, and extended high temperatures are bad for the motor. What's a desirable temperature range? What's a safe duration for high temperatures? Eg how many minutes/seconds? In general, I'd like to know good tips for avoiding frying the motor, or at least...